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Youtube y el videomarketing


We live in a digital society that is constantly changing. Digital and technological advances are the order of the day and the public increasingly demands a more elaborate content. Audiovisual content has become the most acclaimed format and is currently the most complete way to complete our digital marketing strategy.

Youtube is the perfect platform that has put this audiovisual revolution in motion. In fact, it has become the first video website, the second most used search engine after Google and the third largest site in the world that brings together more than  7,000million videos viewed per day.

YouTube´s relationship with brands

Taking into account the scope and engagement that this platform generates, it is a very useful tool that has become a great marketing attraction for brands.

YouTube y el videomarketing

Its not necessary to be a great brand or a great company, any person wishing to promote themselves through the digital world must take into account this tool and consider developing an audiovisual content for further dissemination.

YouTube has not stopped growing exponentially since its birth, reaching today more than one billion users. It uploads more than 300 hours of video every minute and is present globally in 75 countries and in 61 different languages.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the brands have not been slow to get on the car of this new method of reaching a massive and global audience. However, we must bear in mind that for this form of audiovisual marketing you can not create purely advertising content.

Audiovisual marketing is immersed in attractive content, through videos that offer more than just publicity to the user. It must connect with the user through audiovisual content and thus generate interaction and loyalty with our audience.

How can we know what the target wants to see and consume on YouTube? If we want to reach a broad audience and be successful with our audiovisual content, we must take into account and take advantage of the use of Big Data in video marketing.

The Role of Youtubers

The aim of brands, in addition to reaching a large audience, is to create their own fans who become loyal consumers of the product or service offered. For this task youtubers are the best mobilization tool.

They are influencers who use the YouTube platform to create their own personal brand through the audiovisual. They get many subscribers who are interested in the content and format of these videos and even have real fans who follow each of their movements. 

The ability of youtubers to integrate products and services into their audiovisual content strategy makes them a great attraction for brands. Depending on the target and the theme in which these influencers move, they will capture the interest of some or other brands.

It is important to keep in mind that, if you want to use the youtuber as a marketing tool, do it as a method of supporting the main strategy and not as the only way to create content. In addition, this influencer must go in consonance with the identity of the brand to have credibility and assertiveness with the product or service. Therefore, not only the number of youtuber subscribers matters, but the content quality and type of target of the same.

Of what there is no doubt is that audiovisual content has an appeal that has been gaining ground within social networks, blogs and digital marketing. Will YouTube follow the audiovisual content broadcasting summit?

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