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Nowadays, this is a a very controversial issue. How far has been able to affect the use of WhatsApp in our relationships, in our way of expressing ourselves or when we communicate with other people?

I still remember those late summer, after spending 3 long months in the village, we arrive at the city and we you received letters of every kind.  Were we losing immediacy? Yes, but we won in other things, the way we communicate was much more elaborate, thought thoroughly, because the words were printed on paper. Now you give the button “delete” and everything disappears. Call me nostalgic, but there are days I miss receiving a letter from a lost friend in countries like Peru, a friend lost in cities like Milwaukee or Galician dancers.

Anyway … let’s talk about the positive and negative points of WhatsApp, this simple application that lets you talk through writing and voice message with people anywhere and at any time, provided that the Network is available.

List of virtues:

  • The immediacy should lead this list. Yo sen a WhatsApp and in a matter of minutes (if the person you are writing is not a confusion of technologies, mothers and derivatives) you will receive a response.
  • Gratuity of it. Do not pay a penny for speaking all the time.
  • It is universal. WhatsApp is available for iPhone, Android … and used worldwide.
  • Easy to use, intuitive.
  • Sending information. Able to attach photos, videos, voice recordings, or sharing our current location and contacts.

Black list:

  • You can become paranoid watching the line status of certain people.
  • Lack of education when you are in social gatherings and constantly you are isolating yourself in your mobile. All we have done, yes.
  • You are available 24 hours a day for your boss.
  • High chances of being hit by a car, bike, skateboard … when we’re writing by the WhatsApp as we walk down the street.
  • High chances of running over an elder lady when we are writing by the WhatsApp as we walk down the street.
  • High chances of eating a lamppost when we are writing by the WhatsApp as we walk down the street.
  • The use of WhatsApp while drivingNo!

  • Obsession if our messages have been read or unread by the recipient … the famous double check. I leave this instructional video about the subject:

  • And as an end to this list, groups of WhatsApp, here command to all those people who have much free time and do not stop sending videos and funny memes or engage in personal conversations that could be made apart from the group. But as said a great thinker named Aristotle: ” in the medium term the average virtue resides”.

 I don’t know if you are agree with the list of pros or cons, but what is clear is that the mobile has caused us some psychological changes that have made the individual pathologically dependent of the mobile usage.

 Would you be able not using WhatsApp for a week? It is clear that this application has revolutionized the way we communicate, but the real question is, forward or reverse ?.

Well, I leave you now because I have to answer several WhatsApp!

(Writing …)

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