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Whatsapp messaging platform is more than instituted among Spaniards, already has more than 24 million users in our country but, is interesting to integrate it into the daily lives of your company as part of your Mobile Marketing strategy?

Like all communication tools that exist, Whatsapp can be used in many ways and take advantage or make it a weapon of destruction if it is in our hands. From the outset, we seem to give this popular messaging platform as a professional aspect may be interesting for some companies, as long as use is made responsibly and respecting the rules of the platform itself.

How can your company benefit from the use of WhatsApp with your customers?

  • It can become an efficient channel customer
    Provide a contact number for your customers to write via Whatsapp is very interesting for them because they receive immediate response to their queries and that could turn them into satisfied customers, something you certainly interested. Now, you must allocate adequate resources to respond to inquiries you receive almost immediately, as the immediacy is an intrinsic detail the nature of this tool. Otherwise, your customers will perceive a sense of ‘ignorance’ and this is where Whastapp could turn against you.
Empresa y Whatsapp


  • Feedback
    The customer satisfaction surveys have been, are and will be one of the most effective ways to know what he needs, what values​​, what bothers… your customers. WhatsApp may be a good channel for them to send us their feedback.
  • It is a free tool and you can get very good results
    The current economic situation and the situation of small and medium enterprises increasingly makes us endeavor to find economic solutions to get the most out of our business. Using Whatsapp can be a good ally at this point since we only need a mobile phone that has the application installed. Leveraging the company announced eternal free service, this could be a good working tool as long as it is used correctly. From Tilo we recommend that you give Whatsapp moderate and very specific purposes, for example, use informative alerts to customers who have agreed to receive them through a consent form (as in your newsletters, for example). Do not forget the legal issues. They are always vital, but in this case Whatsapp could penalize blocking your account and even financial penalties for not respecting the Data Protection Act.
  • Viral Campaigns
    As a company you can not make mass mailings, but you can create a viral content (a voice message, a video, a picture…) and spread through a particular, which can be one of your employees or influencers, to get your message expand among users becoming viral.
  • It may be beneficial for internal communication strategy of your company
    Instead of banning the use of Whatsapp in the office, you can get good performance of this application, using it to spread messages of interest to workers, suppliers… prior authorization meanwhile, remember.
  • We recommend using web Whatsapp , now that the company has announced its launch
    To do this, we must enter the following link: and be beside the phone will use for business purposes. Remember that the Web version of WhatsApp works linking with the version of our mobile , and to activate it, you scan the QR code that appears on the screen.

But not all are advantages in using WhatsApp on your communication strategy and therefore we want to emphasize those aspects that must take care to avoid it becoming a weapon of destruction for your business:

  • The first is to separate your personal life from professional. To do this, use a specific phone for your business and do not use your personal Whatsapp for commercial purposes.
  • As we’ve already mentioned, you must respect the rules of use of the platform: always texting to customers who have given their prior consent and that you have added to your contact list. If not, Whatsapp will block our account for commercial use chat, rather than on their specific legal basis which is not allowed as it is for personal use.


  • Avoid creating groups. Something that is so useful on a personal level, can turn against you because of the possibility that members of that group complete spreading damaging information about your company and, therefore, afraid that the other members of the group customers.
  • Don´t be a spammer. It makes it clear that what you send is interesting information for the receiver avoids the very advertising content and mass mailings. Whatsapp is very sensitive to privacy and user satisfaction. 
  • Something very important is also very well choose the frequency of shipping, and the hours in which the content is sent. We can not be intrusive.

Well, now that you know the pros and cons of using Whatsapp in your business, do you dare to incorporate it into your strategy?

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