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Do you love to travel?

Traveling is one of my favorite activities in the world. The age does not matter, traveling is always an enjoyment. Now, we all have smartphones and thousands of applications, I ask myself, what is the use of applications during trips?

Before getting into other details, it is important emphasizing a difference between applications in regards to age. This is why we are going to analyze these applications according to the generation.




We understand how millennials are born in the digital era. Playing with a control panel is more common than kicking a ball around; but let´s not forget the important part about traveling for a young person, that is discovering the world and acquiring experience in the work environment. Participating in study abroad programs, international internships, traveling with family, with friends or alone, is a good opportunity to learn and update social media. Planning a trip is not the same if you cannot share it, even if it is digital.

According to the Forbes magazine, young people prefer the following applications to share their experiences:

  • Facebook (94%)
  • Instagram (71%)
  • Trip Advisor
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter (14%)

The news contributed by Forbes, we see millennials not only using social media for talking, sharing stories, pictures and locations, but also deciding where they go, what they see, and what to do at their arrived destination. Also, the trend is counting on the “real time” what we do, where we are and with who. Spontaneity in the content grabs the reader´s attention, and interacting with people who are interested is the best way to have them as followers. An important piece of information that should not be forgotten is social media influences young people to choose when to travel and where to go.

Besides the other applications, there are other interesting ones:

  • Airbnb: is an application where you are allowed to publish and reserve housing for as long as you want in the world. Now, 2 million properties are in 192 countries and 33 cities.
  • Google Maps: Google offers maps, images right at your door and satellite pictures of the world. It is impressive to discover new places from your home or just by traveling!
  • Uber: An international business offering private transportation to whichever passenger. It´s like a taxi service. With an affordable price! 


No millennials

Before the arrival of technology, traveling was planned a different way. People used an actual map, trips were done differently, and a camera was used for pictures. Taking film roll, batteries, and calling through phone booths sounds like a different era, right? In reality it was like that, even though not a lot of time has passed.

According to Forbes, people who are not millennials use other applications when they travel. The most preferred ones are:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter

These types of applications allow them to be in contact with their families, talk, and share pictures and videos. They try and use applications where they maintain in touch with the people they love the most, more than creating an account with several followers. However, there are always people who dissociate with the normal, just like Juan José Cañas case.

Juan José Cañas, grandfather and youtuber

He is eighty years old, with the help of his two grandchildren, he decided to begin a YouTube channel since he was bored. With the name capture your grandfather and in four months he achieved to reach 10.000 subscribers. Since then, he publishes videos with all different kinds of topics, like cooking recipes, video versions of youtubers and from his own travels.

Capture your grandfather trailer

Trip to Lisbon

Clearly, being born in the technology era has to deal a lot with this type of activity in internet and social media, if the other generations buy it. Age does not matter, the internet is for everyone.

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