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In recent months, social networks are up in arms, they don’t stop growing in terms of active users (some more than others) and updates and upgrades are news almost every day. If anything characterizes Social Media is that it’s always evolving. Some of these updates have been so commented that is impossible not to have heard of them at some point, but do you know the latest? If not, don’t worry! Here we tell you the highlights.


Let’s start with Facebook, the social network that already has more than 1,600 million users.

Emoji Reactions

  • A new way to interact – the new emoji “reactions”: Surely you’ve been able to use the new emoji that this social network has launched a trial in Ireland and Spain. This has been one of the most important news of Facebook. There will be some different “buttons” shaped emoticons showing various reactions in a publication, apart from the ‘Like’ usual. These are: ‘Love’, ‘Amuses me’, ‘I am happy’, ‘It amazes me’, ‘I’m sad’ and ‘I get angry’. Fearing corporate brands and Fan Pages, note that these are recorded as a ‘Like’.

Vídeo como foto de perfil

  •  7 second- videos as profile picture: Although it’s not an imminent change (It’s being tested in the UK and California) is a novelty to keep in mind. This feature will give much play in personal profiles, but also in a corporate profile. Definitely, the profiles give a radical change.


In regard to Twitter, the social network of immediacy that has 300 million active users worldwide, there is something new that may have been overlooked.

Subir vídeos a Twitter ya es posible

  • Upload multimedia beyond images: Until now, it was not possible to make a publication attaching a video, only images. To post a video, you had to do it from the mobile application. Now, upload a video to this social network is already possible. You just have to click on the icon to write a publication and then click on ‘Media’, but keep in mind that videos can not last longer than 30 seconds and a maximum weight of 512 MB.


Instagram has already managed to overtake Twitter and reach 400 million active users worldwide. The most popular social photographic network is also protagonist in terms of changes:

Cambios en Instagram

  • Integration with Hootsuite: It was one of the most desired changes for marketers. Now you can program publications, post pictures and watch the activity on your account via Hootsuite.
  • Post photographs in any format: the square format representative of this social network is history. Instagram now lets yo to upload images in widescreen.
  • Instagram Direct: Before, when we sent a direct message, it was necessary to do so by attaching an image. Now it’s possible to write to any user without the need to include.

Is there any change that have called your attention? What are the social networks you use the most?

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