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Every time we write a content, we do it with an end. Refilling a questionnaire making a sale or clicking on a link are some of the conversions we have had. Yes, we have to outline some objectives and from then on, we can begin to think about what we are going to write about. In the end, we want to situate our webpage in Google and with them, we want to finder users who know about our product and service.

That´s why, you cannot miss out on these 8 tricks, this will certainly help optimize your content. Shall we begin?

1. Title

The title of our article should be a descriptive summary about our content. It should always have key words and it should be long enough to divide it in the market, avoiding competition. So this is how we will get users interested in our product.


For example; let´s imagine we have a title: a technical piece BMW 330d346. For their selection, we have focused on Google Suggest, the one showing us a sample about searchers for users.

 2. The URL

 The URL should have key words we want to situate and this is something to keep in mind! We should avoid some special characters. It is also important taking care of the telephone directory structure as a way of having accessible information for users, as a way of having organized content in the content.

Example of a URL;

 3. Goal Description  

The Goal Description should have content with keywords and should not exceed more than 200 characters. Different from what other people think about in the goal description, a small content is showed on the web with your search results, this should stand out to get the best CTR.

Words such as thanks, discount or try on help get a consumer to click, just like great formats.


 4. H1, H2, H3 Labels

These labels H1, H2, and H3 are used to organize information in a hierarchy of pages. H1 is the valued label on the SEO page. Your post´s title or page should have the H1 label, H2 and H3 labels have less SEO value, but it is used to structure content.

 5. Alt Characteristic

 Search Engines do not interpret images, so we use the ALT attribute for describing images. Also, the navigators use an Alt attribute for people with vision issues so they hear the description of the image. It is very important including images in your post or page with ALT labels. When using a CMS like wordpress SEO plugins exist and make your homework easier.

 6. Black/Cursive

The keyword in black and cursive in the content includes the significance of a search engine with keywords. It is a good practicing and using black and cursive for content for strengthening the SEO and enhancing reading.

 7. Links

There are two types of links used for content: inner and external links. It is positive for a good SEO connecting related content to external webs. Google does not recognize as something natural our webpage lacking links. We recommend these links and pages of authority as the same topic contributing value to the user.

A plugin in WordPress called Table of Contents plus is downloaded here and it produces an automatic index with all of the titles, providing internal links sharing link juice and improving the user navigation. Here is a piece of information: is this the same Wikipedia uses and we all know what situates Google, right?


 8. Keywords with similar meanings

In conclusion, keywords related with our product or service should be present in our content from the web, but not only do we have to center them in, it is also necessary to use keywords with similar meanings.

What is certain is our content should be have quality and we should award an users´ experience, offering them what they demand. In another way, we have a rebound percentage, which will have us situate in an impossible manner. Also, when using a technical black hat, the algorithm penalizes us and we use Google dance. But that is not the only thing we want, right?

For this reason, it tries to offer a major content extension than your competition and with more quality, trying to take care of keyword density and using synonyms and related words.

We hope with these 8 tricks on-page can optimize your content and get the eager number on Google. Have you put them to practice in a certain way?

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