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Online education is transforming the world and how to learn new subjects. The most important technology companies are betting on it, buying online education portals for amounts of up to 10 digits. I’ll tell you: 1,500 million. The thing is serious.

Whether you want to study something new and have little time, or if you are looking to learn something new and you do not know where to start. Here I bring a list of online platforms where you can learn interesting topics and best of all, without leaving home! The good news is that many of them are free.


Let us begin with the heavyweight. A giant in virtual education. One of its main differentiating factors is to be associated with universities in the world that makes you available courses and certificates. Here you can find from algorithms courses, developing mobile applications with Android, to personal development courses or learn a language. It has free and paid courses. You’ll need a webcam. For what? Ahhh, there’s your curiosity. 😉


Do you like design, development, Marketing or Business? Or all together? This place is for you! It is the favourite geeks portal between the digital world. You can take the live courses and manage your time as you see fit. It is giving me good results, between work and studies in the classroom, Platzi is a supplement that fits me perfect. Please enter your fan page on Facebook and ask for the discount group. Yes, a monthly subscription is paid, but worth every penny.


Are you one of those people who live for inspiration and improve the world of creativity? Domestika is defined as “Most creative community in Spanish.” So this is your place. It is created by creative professionals from different areas and different companies. All courses have a single fixed cost. If you like any, you pay, you take it and go.



One of the most serious of the list. Founded in 2012 by Harvard University, it offers high quality courses from top universities and institutions around the world. More than 90 partners from major universities, non-profit organizations and institutions around the world. You can find free and paid courses of different areas: literature, mathematics, economics, ethics, psychology, law, etc.


Based on its known: “Ideas worth spreading” (ideas worth spreading) and its video / conferences, created in 2012 TED. Ed TED is an experience of learning about very different topics: art, business, health, thought, social issues, kittens (yes, kittens), and so on. The videos are mostly cool animations that help to understand very well the content. If you are one of those / as you love learning new and interesting things, in a very pleasant way and in an average time of 5 minutes, TED-Ed is your place.


The leading platform online courses in Europe is now part of LinkedIn. In order to access its more than 900 courses with 30,000 videos just checkout and make a monthly subscription of about US $ 10 / month. 3D courses, marketing, design, illustration, photography … taught by the best professionals in each sector, make Video2Brain is the favourite platform for Tilo Motion team to keep up date of all news.


It is one of the pioneers in “this” online education. was founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman and over the years has become an important resource to gain knowledge on development, design, photography, finance or music publishing through all kinds of online tutorials, and having begun offering a wide collection of video tutorials long before they became fashionable on YouTube. In 2015 it became part of the LinkedIn group sympathetic sum of 1,500 million dollars. Oh Yeah! Concise, straight to the point, do not walk, videos of good quality, but, the famous BUT … it is in English. Here you see how you manage and don’t lose this opportunity.


These are some of the best online portals about education (and there will be many more). If given a tour of these places you will realize that you need the beloved – hated English. Not everything would be so easy, right? 🙂 Do not worry, there are also courses in Spanish, so breathe, learn and be happy.

‘Long live online education!!’

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