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The power that the influencers have is bigger in our day to day. Making a reflexion: how many times did you ever feel influenciated by a third person in the last five days? Your mother? A friend? A person you don´t met? Influencers had been always there but now with the social skills the influencer´s world has turn around. They are a family member  for the brands and enterprises and for that reason they are more important at the moment of making their strategies.

There are different types of influencers that brands can use to promote or publicize their products / services. Take up note!


Actors, athletes, artists, singers… take advantage of the popularity that these people is key, they are icons, role models and have millions in their profiles. Although some social networks like Facebook and Twitter do not allow used from a commercial point of view, it seems they do not care too much for example Cristiano Ronaldo arrives to collect 2000.000 € per Tweet.

When we are going to hiring these type of influencers we must consider two aspects:

A la hora de contratar a este tipo de influencers, hay que tener en cuenta dos aspectos:

  • Negotiate with them usually have a high price and not all brands have the highest budget.
  • Segmentation is very difficult, these people are followed by many people who certainly not interest us all.


Bloggers in recent times have taken a force and a super important weight in decisions of users. It is the best word of mouth, they have a tight cost for campaigns and at the same time bring great credibility among the followers. Today, more and more people follow bloggers in all kinds of areas ( food, fashion, trends…) And brands have long behind them.


Influencers are those who are always looking for the latest trends in Internet and if they find a brand / product / service that interests them directly share their opinions in their social networks. They can be termed as the Great devourers of information!

However, often the mark can not control this and an anonymous person unwittingly becomes an important source of information, generating buzz, noise and influencing people. In many cases it can be a danger to the brand.

A very graphic example is the recent case of “peeled oranges in plastic bags of Whole Foods Market”. Did you hear about it? It all started when Nathalie Gordon, a London-based creative agency, tweeted a photo of some oranges with a humorous message “If nature were able to find a way to cover these oranges , we would not have to spend so much plastic.”


The image was captured in one of the supermarket Whole Foods in London and you can see a new way to market pre- peeled oranges in plastic containers in it. At first glance it might seem a new method to save consumers time but the tweet, with more than 107. 000 retweets, it led to a crisis for the company.

Comments had as its central theme Why help to produce excess plastic if there is a perfect and natural way to sell oranges? Especially when one of the signs of Whole Foods is the commitment to the environment and organic products. A bit contradictory, don´t you think?

Are you doing a slight idea of ​​what the decision was taken by the company? Remove the product through a tweet throwing the message “it has definitely been our error. It has been removed. We have listened and we have left the oranges in their natural packaging: Shell”.


In this particular case, we have a question, how strong can the opinion of a person for the others? How can we control what they say about our brand? As can be beneficiaries of this marketing technique, there is also a high risk that things are not going so well. With the constant social media evolution, anyone can be a dangerous critical for a brand.

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