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I Like (now I love it, I enjoy, I wonder …), Comment, Making RT, sharing … Interacting with a publication in a social network seems the most basic action of the world but, do you know you can do much more? Or that you can report an image as well as insert a post on a website? You know even if using a mobile you can not do other things that computer it is possible?

From now on, you will see social networks in another way. Do you know all kinds of interactions on social networks? These are the things we can do with a single publication:


1. I like, I love, I enjoy, I’m glad, I’m amazed, I’m sad, I get angry (currently in testing in Ireland and Spain)

2.Comment: either by text, photo or sticker.

3.Sharing: there are several options.

  • Share Now (Friends): It is direct, does not give you the possibility to include a comment.
  • Sharing…: It can be done in your biography (there is a possibility to comment) in the biography of a friend, in a group, in a page or in a private message (mobile is not possible)

interacciones post facebook

Send by private message (not mobile)

4. Hide publication: if you do not like the publication and want to avoid seeing her again.

5. Stop following account: if at that moment you realize that certain account is not for you.

6. Report photo: if hiding the publication’s not enough, you can report on Facebook if the publication “it is not interesting”, “I appear in this picture and I do not like”, “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook” or “This is spam”.

7. Save publication: to read later. This is a recent configuration and I personally like it. You can also save videos.

8. Enable notifications of this publication: everything that happens from now on in that publication you will be notified.

9. Insert publication: if you want it on your blog, for example.

post facebook engagement

10. To copy the link (available on mobile). This is the only option I’ve found in the mobile Facebook app if you want to send a private publication to a contact. That’s all that I think fails, too many steps to perform a thing that in web version is simpler.

If the post is an advertisement you can also do the following actions:

  • Report if the ad is useful: Do you know all kinds of interactions on social networks?
  • Knowing why you see such an announcement: Have you ever wondered why you get an ad that has nothing to do with you? Because through this link you going to see your ads preferences list. According to Facebook: “We show you ads based on what we think you’re interested. Preferences include your profile information and actions you take in and out of Facebook. ” ad interactions Facebook

preferecias anuncios facebook


1. Respond to tweets.

2. retweeted: Quote or retweet directly.

3. I like: new option and that has made them disappear favourites

4. Sharing by direct message (in different places if you are in web version and mobile)

interacciones twitter

5.Copy link of the Tweet.

6.Insert Tweet.

7.Mute: to stop seeing tweets from the account.

8.Block: from that moment on that account can not follow you or send you messages.

9.Report tweet: Complain to Twitter about the content of the publication.

denunciar contenido twitter


1. I like.

2. Leave a comment.

3. Send by private message (mobile only)


5.Copy URL.

6.Enable notifications of the publications.

7.Sharing (depending on the apps you have on your mobile)

Instagram PC is quite simple, besides I like and comment, you can also: Report Content and Insert Tweet.


1. Pin it.

2. I like.

3. Visit Site (if you have link)

4. Send your friends on the network.

5. Sharing.

6. Report this pin. (In the bottom right)

7. Keep on device (mobile only)

8. Similar Results (magnifying glass that appears in the upper right of the image): I love this option; Pinterest gives you the chance to find similar images of a pin or a part thereof.


interacciones pinterest

Did you know all these ways of acting before a publication? We always look at the Likes, in the RT and the comments, but always there are more options that we have to know.

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