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I am Sonia Frías, Account Executive at Tilo Motion and last Friday I took part in our second #TiloWakeUp in order to tell my experience of how I started up my own company. I specifically created a musical Marketing and Communication Agency called Jourmind.

During the period that my company was active I had an ultimate goal: giving support and some pieces of advice to emerging solo artists and bands who wanted to become professional with their musical projects.

At that time, my mission was to support musicians from all over the world through different physical and technical means as well as increasing their dissemination and importance in music, helping them to obtain incomes with their creations and herefore, they could work for a living in this field.

All this was done from a point of view of respect to the artist and his/ her music.


The early days

Nobody said that building up a company was easy. The seed of the project bloomed when my workmate Cristina and I set out to make interviews and podcasts as so to make ourselves known, but we just did it as a hobbie. We made interviews to different celebrities and famous people such as our best friend, a computer expert and literature lover or my sister, a cook. We could say it was a real ‘success’…

Our first problem came when we realized that 40 minutes without music were hard to bear. Another issue arises from this point: copyright is expensively paid in music. So we came up with the idea of ​​offering mentions to the band or artist on the podcast in return for a free copyright song.

We soon add an audiovisual format on our podcast. I used to go to concert queus to be able to interview hundred of fans of the artist gathered right there. Some time later, we specialised in Musical Management after we realised that our target had their presence in music.

Steps to start up a business

Creation of a Limited Liability Company:

  • Minimum shareholder equity cannot be less than 3.000 €
  • Limited to the capital contributed by each partner responsibility.
  • Taxation system: Corporate income tax
    • Negative certification of the name of the company by the Companies Registry.
    • Signing of public deeds of Incorporation of the Company notarised.
    • Settlement of the Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty on Finance.
    • Registration of the company at the Public Registry of Commerce.
    • Application of Tax Identification Number at the Tax Agency.
    • Obtaining the identification number of the Social Security at the National Treasury.
    • Admission on the Business Census at the Tax Office.
    • Affiliation of the partners to Social Security.
    • Registration at the Social Security System for each employee shareholders or administrators.
    • Company registration at the National Treasure of Social Security.
    • Notification of the opening of the workplace in the Ministry of Labour of your region.

As I have seen, this #TiloWakeUp about startup and being entrepreneur had a good reception since I noticed great interest from the audience because of all the questions that they made!

More and more young people go all out to this great adventure of starting up their own business. How about you? Would you create a company? Or do you already have one and feel identified with my case?

We hope you do not miss our next #TiloWakeUp!

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