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coworking - the garden space

Working patterns are changing quickly. Traditional offices and private houses have been small and are no longer able to meet the needs of new groups of entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups that demand new forms of work where collaboration prime, flexibility and comfort. Last week we had the pleasure of knowing firsthand #TiloWakeUp to The Garden Space, a workspace that does offer this collaborative spirit that is triumphing in the world. Welcome to the world of Coworking!


This new lifestyle, defined by The Garden Space as “a new way of working and relating that allows freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs and start- ups from different sectors share a workspace to develop their own professional projects so independent, while forming joint projects and new partnerships”, he was born late last century (1999) and had its explosion in 2012 when more than 2,000 coworking spaces in the world had.

The Garden Space, Coworking y Maderea

But, what makes the Coworking a successful model? In Spain, Barcelona and Madrid are for now the owners, there are more than 750 spaces, where in 2012 the country had more coworking per capita. What advantages have to participate in this world that has such enterprising character?

  • Networking and new customers: is known and works with professionals of the same or different sector with which to exchange contacts.
  • Resources and modern spaces: the vast majority of spaces are new with a very modern decor that will appeal to both workers and customers with what they gather. In addition, they usually are packaged with the latter one technologies: wifi, furniture, full printing system, smart meeting rooms, projectors, etc.
  • Training courses, workshops and conferences: The coworking are full of ideas and people working, but are also full of life. Most spaces have training, workshops and conferences included in their monthly packages that not only attract your coworkers, and also also coworkers from other spaces.
  • Investor Contact: the “seed ” as it is called in The Garden Space, brings you closer to investors keen to see new projects. Advice and assistance in this regard is to take into account.
  • Low price and flexibility: Rent for day , months, permanent position… the needs of the coworker mark the way to participate in the coworking. Flexibility is a key to these spaces.

How could it be otherwise, this #TiloWakeUp must be done on their center. And not only we saw and enjoyed it, we could know in situ the case of a coworker who is right there. Maderea, the first portal for the wood industry contacts to customers and suppliers, is a clear example of how the collaborative environment has helped grow both the project and the partners themselves.

We don´t tell you, the stars do 🙂

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