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There is a lot of talk about trends . The increasing reality, the chatbots, the Q&A, the voice enquiries, and overall, the direct video are a few examples. The professionals of this area are urging labels to include them in their digital strategy, but are these the real trends? In addition, to being it, will the results be obtained?

It is still too early to know, but certainly several of them have already accompanied in the last three semesters of the year. Between them: the chatbots, the role the influencers play with the labels, the paper that social media on TV and the e-commerce team and Social Media. Of course, the video could not miss out or the direct retransmissions, it seems as if it situated itself in 2016 and they say it will stay. Would this be considered a reality or utopia?


Is Facebook prepared for direct transmissions?

Everyone and each one of these trends have are questionable in this article from Mark Schaefer, whose title is a declaration of intentions: Why is Facebook Live not ready for the stellar schedule? The author confirms a label includes a direct video as a strategy of 2017 does not guarantee interactions and conversions. This is evident because not only is this an original format, but it has been previously mentioned.

Schaefer makes a classification about the reason why labels will not risk direct broadcasts from Facebook.

  • Legal restrictions: refers to the issues of the author´s rights that will add another song. This is something complicated we see now a day, if we find Marketing en Tiempo Real, this format will be difficult.
  • Talent restrictions: Will everyone participate in the retransmissions? Are all the usernames ¨educated¨ in the digital sphere for the real time action?
  • Cultural restrictions:  in this case we ask ourselves if the material will work in different zones or there should be a specific content for each one (lose more time). In addition, will it be understood between different cultures? We should not forget the existing restrictions of other countries towards Internet use or certain contents and actions.

All of these factors also have to be added like the velocity from the Internet. To design a strategy and have a basic plan is necessary, but will they become afflicted with an against coercion?

Mark Schaefer invites us to think. It is possible the numbers increase the retransmissions, but until what point does this format have all the ingredients to convert itself in a trend?


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