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We have arrived halfway through 2017 and several Social Media trends were predicted from last year. In fact, we have already tried some here. It´s time to analyze and see which ones have become reality and which ones are predicted. Let us begin!

1. Direct videos will dominate Social Media

It is one of stressed predictions at the end of 2016. The video was already a content protagonist sharing users and brand strategies in social media. Also, in 2017, there will be more of this.

The truth is, according to Cisco´s Social Media study, the Internet represents 13% of traffic in 2021 and direct video grows 15 more times between 2016 and 2021. All of this is due to brands obtaining precise video metrics.


 If we analyze the information we obtain from Google e IPSOS, we see the one to “blame” is a phone, since 98% of users between 18 and 34 years (known as millennials) prefer smartphones to see video content.

We know the introduction of a phone keeps on growing in countries such as India and China thanks to Internet´s rapid entrance. In fact, the video will continue being a content causing a major impact with some brands.

2. Brief content is common

Everything began with Snapchat, thanks to its American public it became popular (we know in Spain this did not have a huge impact), several experts predicted success with this type of content. Instagram adopted Snapchat´s method of ´Stories´, Instagram is dominating Snapchat with this function little by little.



Here we send some facts: Instagram Story´s brief content is everyone´s bread to butter since 700 millions of users are active per month (April information from 2017).

3. The cost of mobile marketing will be more

Keeping in mind the highest trend of using a phone (the users in Spain spend at least 2 hours and 11 minutes on their phones), one of the predictions made at the end of 2017 were the marketers introducing phone publicity and their increasing price.

In this case, the report from KPCB Internet Trends from 2017 talks about themselves: every time they have more digital publicity and as a consequence, devices are taking over territory.


Source: KPCB Internet Trends from 2017

4. The camera year 

Thanks to Facebook Live, technology keeps on growing. One if the predictions for 2017 is camera use.

Maybe it is not a real trend, but the reality is just like Facebook, Pinterest is betting on images being the future. Facebook wants to introduce an increasing fact, whereas, Pinterest has added Pinterest Lens where the search engine looks up visual elements and images through a camera. All these developments put the camera as marketing´s center of attention. Do you think they will get this trend? We will see at the end of the year.

5. Facebook will always be king

 With Instagram´s announcements, making a debut to “Stories”, developing new functions of robots and adjusting their advertising meters, several people predicted Facebook would be king of social media. But, what is the real situation?



As we see with this graphic, the major part of Facebook growth comes from countries in the Pacific and Asia and other developing countries. According to TechCrunch, Facebook is focusing in the developing world with apps such as Facebook Lite and Instagram offline. In fact, the average income for user out of Asia, Europe, United States, and Canada is 40% higher than last year.

6. Chatbot revolution

 As Chatbots develop, several marketers predicted brands would adopt this new way of communication in their marketing strategy.

 What really happens? Facebook has showed new characteristics allowing brands to develop robots so users would be able to order food (some brands are introducing this). At the same time, El Pais offers a Chatbot tool in Twitter, where the user has the possibility of receiving news privately, making a previous selection for topics and interests. Air Europa also offers the possibility of receiving associated notifications and having the counter receipt information beforehand, tape for suitcases, boarding gate information, etc.

In the second graph, we can see the growth of Apps versus Messenger robots in their first phases:



Source: Bloomberg 

There are still 6 more months to finish the year. What Social Media trend do you know has worked or not?

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