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Its a reality that tourism in Spain is in its golden age: we are the second in the world power rank in terms of income generation (only the US exceeds us) and the third by number of tourist. Tourism is one of the most powerful economic sectors in the world and, if there is an industry where innovation, technological advances and creativity mark a present and a future, that is tourism.


To develop a good digital marketing strategy, it is essential to know the sector, work it and be aware of the news of this. I will show you some of the trends in tourism marketing that i think will leave their mark in this 2018.

Artificial intelligence, the most desired trend

It is, without a doubt, one of the novelties that reaches the tourism sector with a strong impact. In a study investigated by the Hospitality and Restoration Research Group of CETT-UB for professionals in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy, artificial intelligence led the ranking with 56% acceptance among the 237 respondents.

Al is behind much of the technologies and innovations of the travel and tourism sector, there are many ways in which Artificial Intelligence helps the industry, and if we had to classify them, we would do it in: Machine Learning, Chatbots or TravelBots and Robots Operations that require human intervention and time are automated, which accelerates processes while improving quality and performance and decreases costs. In addition, the user experience is improved since, due to all the stored data and the interpretation of all of them, future behaviors can be predicted and doubts or problems resolved more quickly.


The video game, powerful tourism promotion tools

Pokémon GO  remember it, right? In 2016, this video game with augmented reality shocked millions of people, more specifically to approximately 20 million unique users within days of its launch. What is the difference between this and the other games in the sane saga? very easy, Pókemon GO is developed in the real world, so you have to move, with your phone to capture pókemons in the street. With this game, you not only have fun in the street, with your friends or family and you meet new people, you also discover places not so popular in your city and you know better everything around you.


Another famous game that everybody knows is Assassin´s Creed. His latest installment, ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’, is set in ancient Egypt. In this, the developer has created a game mode called Discovery. This offers 75 tours, from 5 to 20 minutes, dealing with Egypt, the pyramids, the Romans, Alexandria and the daily life of that time. The information shown is complied and confirmed by historian and Egyptologists.

These are just some examples that I found it interesting the undeniable role played by virtual reality and increased in the promotion of tourism. There is still a long way to go, but the wind blows in their favor. Pokemón GO demonstrates every day that it is possible to do alternative tourism with a mobile and an application and, as far as traditional video games are concerned, the virtual world resembles the real one more and more.

The ‘branded content’ also reaches tourism

The trips are now planned by us. We have in our hands a wide range of available options that adapt to our tastes, budget and way of traveling. But the more competition there is, the more different communication has to be.

Embassy Row Hotel, a hotel located in downtown Washington, contacted a photographers community (@IGDC) to be able to boost their business through networks in an original way. The community held a contest with their followers in which they asked them to send their best images in the surroundings of the hotel with the #ghdcwalkingtour hashtag.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-07 a las 18.51.09

After getting about 400 photographs, they chose 16 winners. The winning images were used to create small city guides, exclusively for the hotel, with the most “instagramable” places in Washington and places to visit around the city. The hotel added value to the users and, above all, to those potential clients who, if they were thinking about going to know the city, probably chose to go and stay at this hotel.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-07 a las 18.51.47

Video marketing: the powerful format

This video is the star format of 2018 in the tourism industry. A study by SiteMinder states that:

  • The possibility that a web appears in first position in Google increases by 53% when they use this format.
  • The probability of increasing reserves by 67% because a video tour on the web appears.
  • 80% of digital consumers prefer to see information in moving images than in text.

The Marriott group, a couple of years ago, launched its campaign called #LoveTravels, a set of stories and inspiring experiences that focus on social minorities at the time of travel. They created a YouTube channel in which approximately 20 videos were uploaded whose content perfectly followed the claim: “be you, with us”. With this campaign, they managed to give an emotional approach through storytelling and in 100% video format.

Travel Journey: the client decides

Surely it does not catch you by surprise to know that the behavior of a client of the tourist sector is not the same as that of any other industry. You have to know how it behaves since entering the web to find information about a possible destination, through the different phases of search, comparison and purchase, until your stay or trip, where you share your experience and, finally, contribute your service evaluation. We have to know how to play our cards well, provide good content to our user adapted to each of the phases to offer you information you may need.


Music and sport, what tourist claims

Travel packages to see dreamy natural landscapes or fascinating historical places are in great demand, and that can not be denied. Nor can deny the new concerns of travelers, who are increasingly open to explore other scenarios, whether music or sports. That is why, both sports and music, are the great magnet attraction for this 2018. Sports tourism has been an enormous opportunity, especially for those destinations “not so touristed”. The mountain areas are now more visited thanks to ski resorts or the rise of, for example, sports such as climbing or hiking. The latter has indicated on maps to many towns that, if they were not for the practitioners of this sport, would not have visitors. The Camino de Santiago can be an example.


Music has become an aspect to be have more attention by the marketing companies before all the variety of supporters who travel and travel long distances to live a unique multidisciplinary experience for them. The different cultures that converge around the preferences of electronics, pop, rock or indie make music festivals a very effective option to promote cities or destinations in the world.

These are just some of the novelties that the tourism sector brings us for marketing professionals. Do you already know what you will implement in your strategies? It’s good to try new things and, above all, to give your creative and original touch!

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