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Are you sick and tired seeing the size of the cover in Twitter? Do you not know the size of the images of Facebook? If you are tired of these pixelated and uneven images, keep on reading: we will bring you an image guide in social media in three D graphic form. Shall we begin?

What´s first is first: let´s go with Facebook

Admit it: it is the leader in social media and under its throne we see different types of spaces, consequently, we have to adapt our images. For example:

Profile Picture: most importantly an ID, and you know it. If you want your picture to come out amazing, make sure it measures 180 x 180 pixels. Also, did you know GIFs count as a profile picture? Try it!
Headboard: we all know this is the complicated one to fit. If you are one of those who is dedicated to try a picture until you find one (more or less) that fits well…you have luck! Stop fitting pictures that measure 851 x 315 pixels. You will see the difference!
Groups: if you have decided to revolt against a monopoly of Whatsapp groups and create one in Facebook, we will support you. Post a picture of 820 x 215 to the headboard, and we will support you even more.
Event: The best way to encourage your friends when they click the button “assist” is with a headboard image. It should measure 500 x 262 pixels and you will see how the list increases with assistants.
Post from Facebook: When an image has quality, your post will have more results. 800 x 600 pixels were left behind, now risk posting 1200 x 900 pixels!

Infografia de tamaño de imagenes en redes sociales

Twitter: the worst nightmare about image size on social media

We love social media with the little blue bird, but its headboard is a headache. This is what you have to do if you want to save up in aspirin:

• Profile picture: even though this space is small, we recommend you to post one with 400 x 400 pixels
• Headboard: to have this image fit the right way, make sure the size is 1500 x 500 pixels. Try it. What does it improve?
• Image post: we all know a tweet with an image increases engagement, but it does not work with whatever image. The ideal is 900 x 450 pixel other sizes will make our image pixelated or uneven (and we will give you RT, of course).


Instagram: crib and campsite to whichever hipster

It is social media dedicated to pictures, it is fundamental to adjust the size of your pictures in Instagram. Even with a defect of your phone it contains pictures of a certain size and correct resolution, if you post pictures you have three options: 1080 x 1080 pixels if they are square images; 1080 x 1350 pixels if the image is vertical; and 1080 x 566 pixels if it is horizontal. You do not have an excuse to surprise us with pictures in Instagram!

Let´s professional: LinkedIn

It is sure businesses look you up on LinkedIn before they hire you (and you should find them through social media if you are trying to find a job). Whatever the case is, confirm about giving the same professional image before going to an interview. Also, have good quality images.

Profile picture: We insist you do not put your ID picture here. It is not only the quality of the image, but it is fundamental it measures 130 x 130 pixels so it looks good.
• Headboard: No, the picture from your exotic vacation is not the picture you want to post, nor pictures that measure 1536 x 768 pixels. Be careful, the visible area is 1350 x 220 pixels…be careful if there is something uneven!
Post: When you transmit professionalism in your profile, do it with the pictures where you accompany your posts. Measures between 520 x 320 pixels, you know it will be an optimized form.

The cork we used to have (or we wanted to have) in the bedroom: Pinterest

Without a necessity of pushpins, of course. Pinterest is an excellent aggregator with graphic content, also, understand each image has their particular sizes. This is why, it is recommended that it is 236 pixels, however without width´s limit.

Review the sizes of the headboard, they are smaller (200 x 200 pixels or 100 x 100).

tamaño de imagenes en pinterest

As a piece of advice, try and optimize the quality of your images choosing or changing the format when you post it on social media. In general, a JPG format will have less quality than a PNG format (even though it weighs more). The key is finding the balance between the format with quality (PNG) and the weight of the image. An image that weighs 5GB will not be accepted in all of social media, but it will delay in downloading and promoting for users to see

On the other hand, you should also think twice about sharing images through social media and which ones are the best in preserving. At the end, every post is a little piece of sand built little by little towards

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