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The Social Network universe so present in our daily life, couldn’t escape of this tradition. A lot of social networks have already presented the highlihts of this year almost over: the tweet most retweeted, the most realized searches, the most subject commented on Facebook, etc. Some of them offer you even the most striking of your year (Instagram or Facebook for example)

What do you think if we presented you most important events of  2013 on the main social networks?


The main network of microblogging, the real time sound track of best moments and events in the world (as they say it) developed, as usual, a video and a special site for the occasion. Among most standing the out we find the 230 million active users having sent to 2013 an average of 500 millions of tweets a day (in 2012 there were 175 millons). As a curiosity the tweet most retweeted of the year, as winner this tweet posted by the actress Lea Michel, which got more than 400.000 RT in 133 countries.

Below, we propose you a video which briefly summarizes 2013. However, you can also visit the site create especially #YearOnTwitter where you can see the most important of each month of this year, then the most importing categories #news, #entertainment, #sport, etc.


The big brother of the social networks also offered us these last days a vídeo and a  special website  to look back to us on the highlights of the year where we can see:  the most popular destinations visited by the users, the most popular subjects of the world either the most shared facts.

There are curious facts or events among the most shared. The top 10 includes: new relationship, engagement or mariage; journey; change of Residence; at the End of a relation; new friend; addition of a new family member,expect a baby or to have a child; adopt an animal; death  of a dear person; get a piercing or quit an habit.

In Spain, the highlighted subjects on Facebookhavebeen (as you can notice it, in Spain, there’s something which pleased us a lot):



The case of Instagram was simpler, but not for all that less important. In the blog home,

The social network announces us the best moments of 2013 withinhis blog:

1. The goodbye of Pope Benoit XVI and thewelcome of Pope François.

2. The riots which took place on the Tahrir square in Egyp tt protest against the President Musri.

3. The photos of @joemcnallyphoto since Burj Khalifa, the highest tower of the world.

4. The demonstrations  of California in favour of the gay marriage.

5.The first marriage emerged on Instagram. The users @robinmay and @matthewjay got married after knowing each other on Instagram

6. The photos of @dguttenfelder and @drewkelly which managed to share images since North Korea.

7. The meetings of instagramers, InstaMeet, in Russia and in the White House.

8. New babies known as Prince George of England.

9. Michelle Obama joins the trend #ThrowbackThursday (with old photos) by publishing this photo of its graduation ceremony.

10. The first steps of Kobe Bryan after his injury.

11. The devastating consequences of the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

12. BatKid who saved the city of San Francisco. The Make-A-Wish foundation has prepared a special event for Miles, a child affected by leukemia, could make one of his dreams, save the Humanity.

13. The goodbye to Nelson Mandela.

If you want to find the best moments of 2013 on Instagram, with Statigram you can make it.


This social network has created a special page on its website with the best pines of the year. These pines were chosen according to their number of quantity of repines and of ” I like”. You can find 600 tops pines of 2013 on 29 boards especially created.



To conclude, Google, which is not a social network but which is so important that w ehave to include in this list. The video which Google makes every year is, for me, almost an event (do not ask me why, but it’s only that it draws me enormously the attention). This video is called Zeitgeist, a German expression which means “Spirit of the times” and which aims at showing the intellectual and cultural climate of period (source).

It’s a special page also created for the occasion, where we can see, among others, the most popular 100 searches for the year when or  trendss of searches in the world (with multiple possibilities).

What do you think about it? Do we miss something?

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