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The topic of social media has been discussed, debated and dissected in every manner and angle possible in efforts to grapple the phenomenon that is gripping our time, attention and lifestyles. There are the positive and the rebuttals. ´Sitting on the fence´ almost never gains as much respect, but, sometimes, it may be wiser to take a step back, and learn about the power and dependency on social media that trigger ripples.

Just a quick glance around you, everyone is in a relationship of all sorts. Whatever the base in purporting such bonds, it would be difficult to dismiss the importance of social media in creating, and even maintaining these ties. But just as tide and time changes, so do lifestyles. And priorities. Thus, one of the most important relationships from its very first initiation, would be the relationship between social media and its user.

According to Google, out of the 7.3 billion of Earth´s population, at least 2.67 billion social network users are estimated by 2018 from the 1.91 billion figure today. In short, social network penetration is only going to keep advancing. It ain´t just a passing phase.

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By the nanosecond, social media is increasingly integrated into our day-today lives as the reliable partner that we accessibly have at hand – wherever, whenever. It isn´t a relationship that is demanding either. In fact, you could browse through multiple attractions at your own pace and liking. It doesn’t nag, it doesn’t force, it doesn’t complain.

But, it its perfect packaging, it pulls.

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And, once in too deep, just alike human relationships that inspire rap art and emotional ballads, it´ll leave you at loss in its absence. Although there is nothing wrong in spending time to network and connect with other humans in the virtual arena..there certainly calls for a limit when extricating from a world where you would still experience all of your five senses with:

  • A Balanced Relationship with social media is Key.
    The difference between the reel and real, is that perhaps you can entrust a secret with a physical confidante. But, accidentally spilling a passing thought or opinion, or sharing a photo in a drunken state may be more of a challenge to retract from the public sphere. Hence, your privacy setting is best to be exercised, if not in totality, then in the right circumstances at least.

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  • Privacy and Control is Vital.
    Spewing everything towards the global ears of social media will most likely result in regrets later. Never be fooled by a false sense of privacy within the lightning speed of networks! Your social media is a marketing platform at most, or at the very least. Not a diary. The right amount of control equals less frankly, such material is best reserved for the screenwriters.



The Ideal

Speaking of marketing…How many social media users do you see showcase those recurring hashtags #bodygoals #relationshipgoals and #lifegoals that they promote?

Amidst perfect backgrounds, ´candid moments´and attractive angles, therein lies the major lineage of fabricated ´realities´with promotional tendencies for personal gains. The more you scroll downtime countless illustrations of those from your social circle or public figures, the more aware you´ll be of the pattern of postings for desired ´likes´and comments. Though there is no fault in vying for the social world to appreciate your post, there is a fine line when it comes to prioritizing so for affirmation and validation towards your own self-worth, relationships and lifestyle.

Social media is a great platform and in partnership to market. But the product should not include your self-worth or the health of any of your relationships and lifestyle. As it would result in quite a heavy price to pay.


Naughty, or Nice?

Truly, social media is not necessarily a bad partner to build ties with. In fact, it can provide the best benefits when projecting or marketing an aim, image or business venture and even build connections and networks, which is vital in creating your path ahead in today´s world. According to Shelley Galasso Bonanno, M.A. (limited licensed psychologist, mediator, and psychodynamic psychotherapist. Twitter: @shelleybonanno):

¨Social support can be a strong predictor of positive mental health. Emotional support has been shown to protect us from a wide array of both pyschiatrict and physical ailments.¨

Yet, it is also mindful to be aware when too much independence is meted, as relying on one´s own two feet and capabilities after may prove challenging. While it is easy to stay within the online sphere and zone of a virtual community, it is definitely not as enriching as the 3D experience.

C55GX0 Young couple using their mobile phones in a park with backs against each other. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.


The Verdict…

Social media can be the best relationship to build and nurture. It provides the space and platform to exercise knowledge, creativity and connectivity. Nor will it disappoint with the providence of a community and bridging circumstantial hurdles.

But at the same time…

Enticing as its 24-hour presence it can be, learn to give it some space from you too..for you to be able to smell the roses from time to time.



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