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All the brands want to have a huge audience and not only that, they want to seduce them. However, a lot of times, to elaborate through social media, they forget about one important element: listening. Social listening is then born.

In this post, we mention Social listening and how you learn to seduce their users. Because listening is a general practice. The best kind of marketing is listening.


Due to the data from the Asociación de Investigación de Medios de Comunicación (AIMC), 79,2% of Spain´s population is connected daily to social media. This is a great advantage for brands, it converts in a special territory to have the best presence, to be in contact with followers, to create a community and inclusively to generate an opportunity through sales.

What is Social Listening and why is it important?

According to the Sprout Social, Social Listening is the process of dragging conversations about typical phrases, words or brands, and take advantage of discovering opportunities or create content for audiences. The goal is to measure the effectiveness and frequency of the brand and evaluating the impact in regards to conversations. If you do not know the brand through the network, how will we know our audience and create a real experience of the brand? Also, is it that important to sell?

An example of social listening is through the company Virgin Trails where a sixteen- year old traveler who is not short, not lazy, picked up his phone to send a tweet to the official business since there was not anymore toilet paper. The youngster just wanted to warn his followers, but the brand asked him about his situation and car number. When he arrived to the second stop, Adam, the name of the traveler, already had toilet paper.


With this quick reaction from Virgin Trains, we have a perfect example of the effectiveness and listening through social media.

Tools for social listening to listen to the audience

We have seen how social listening helps resolving problems, but it allows leads, analyzes competition, obtains new clients, improves customer service, obtains feedback and includes what the audience says, and what is most important, we can understand the emotions towards public potential.

There are endless amounts of tools that will help us monitor what the audience says about the brand and we leave some for you to look over:

Google Alerts: With Google´s tool, you can create alerts for the keywords that you want to monitor. Every time a conversation is generated, you will receive a notification from your email.

Mention: Monitor the real time, receiving updates from your brand and social media
TweetReach: With this tool, you find out who are your most popular followers, this will help identify your principal hashtags, which will permit a better comprehension about your brand. Also, it permits the supervision of keywords, names, identify comments through activity, etc.

Twitter: Is simple like the search engine of Twitter to find specific words from your product or service. Likewise, the creation of your lists from your account, through accounts of possible clients, will allow you to make the monitor better.

Google Trends: This is another tool allowing keywords to become useful in a specific time. Also, results will be compared between different countries, categories, web services, etc.

Pinterest: The search within this social media is allied as the most investigated, monitored and listens. It is not necessary to have an account! Writing specific keywords in the search engine for your brand will include various recommendations of similar topics in regards to that search. Also, it will give you ideas for content.

We hope this article about Social Listening: how learning to seduce your users can help you improve your content, because by only listening we know what our audience needs.


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