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Social Commerce, la magia de convertir "me gustas" en ventas

The Social Commerce is a re-evolution of the traditional eCommerce, a new way to sell online using the advantage of the social networks (recommendations, feedback, reviews…) to enhance the shopping experience and make it more effective.

Social Commerce manages to take a new approach to the traditional e-commerce metrics allowing us to have purchase and consumption metrics that were previously much more difficult to measure, and of course a very effective way to meet our “friend” ROI.

Social networking has revolutionized the way we communicate, and so is being in the way we consume products. Link Social Networking and eCommerce to get the best of each of them is the great challenge that we are facing today, “make real business of” social networks, and become the great advantage of the shops tomorrow (tomorrow that is already “now”).

Word to mouth and recommendations play a key role in purchasing decisions, whether a friend, acquaintance or family member, recommends us something, it is more likely to end up buying this product. The buzz today is the “word of mouth 2.0” on social networks. Over than 72% of users interact with brands and their products, and over 45% want to keep up-to-date   of the latest news and promotions.

Some of the main benefits of Social Commerce are:

• Thanks to the social networking, we can focus more effectively to a wider audience interested in our products, and enhance our communication.

• This optimization will improve the quality of trafic coming in our web site. It is not only the number of visits, people who follow us, but the percentage of visits that end with a purchase.

• On the other hand, the Social Commerce to create a customer service, which can be a target. Since users can consult or inquire about products, offers, campaigns, and at that time the store can give answer. Yes, you have to be very aware of this attention to users / clients, and that either makes you give this support correctly or just better don’t give it, because it’s best than doing it poorly.

• The Social Commerce is a channel that can reach a segmented audience and make a different social marketing, on a shoestring budget you can do great things.

Social Commerce to create a long-term #commitment and keep you informed of any new or products quickly and easily to all our supporters
What are the biggest challenges of Social Commerce?

• The main challenge of the Social Commerce is to change “likes” in sales.

• Not all markets are equal, neither cultures, nor society, so there are places where social commerce is already operating in a very advanced, for example in China or the United States, while in Europe we still have a way to travel.

• We have to realize that the user is not only a potential buyer, but it has become the first promoter of the brand and our “Best Commercial”.

• We must create personalized shopping experiences for everyone and get that our shop or product, is his ideal.

• The sales strategy of the Social Commerce must be accompanied by a great work “offline”, delivery dates, shipping, guarantee … all this will make our sales system much more powerful and effective.

In short, thanks to the social networking and the latest technologies, we can and must offer to the customer a unique experience through our brand. We’ve gone from making a product to making marketing to a customer, or better said, a social marketing and this means directing all our efforts and our strategy towards people.

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