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In a university environment, social media dominates young adults´ lives. We love to feel closer to our friends and people we know, experiment other forms of relating and maintaining our lives connected to others. Snapchat is still alive!

In spite of the latest trend and diversity in social media, Snapchat and Instagram are the protagonists, they are trying to achieve success with their stories.
Why do we love brief stories?


Stories on Peak

During this month of May, Instagram updated their stories by providing funny filters (very similar to Snapchat) and in this month, Snapchat allows posting and attaching pictures to your wall. What will happen now when both social media networks are competing against each other?

Reasons why you should still use Snapchat

According to BBC, 100 million young North American adults use Snapchat on a day-to-day basis. This application is for people under the age of 25.

Why do young people still use Snapchat? Precisely for six reasons:

• Allows us to have privacy
• Stories and pictures last a certain time
• It´s a way to have an entertaining time with pictures, filters, stories, and messages
• Develops our creativity
• Keeps us in contact with friends
• It is easier to use than text messages
• Pictures come out better than any other application


Here is an interesting fact, during the presidential election, Hilary Clinton joined Snapchat to attract a young population. According to a financial report, Clinton bought video announcements. However, Trump, the rival in the past American elections, became charge of interactive announcements via email. Without a doubt, Snapchat is more than a brief social media application for young adults.

Instagram wants to reach all the young adults that have Snapchat. Is it going through the right way? Do you think Instagram can reach this goal?

snapchat edad

Girls: the queens of snapchat

According to the U.S. statistics, 70% of Snapchat´s public are girls. On the other hand, only 30% of men use this social media. In general, more than 70% of young adults use this app on Friday and Saturday. Also, 81% of young adults use it more during the afternoon and night.

mujeres snapchat

How does Snapchat work in Spain?

Before we talk about the use of Snapchat in Spain, we should keep in mind the following countries that use it the most:

• Ireland
• Saudi Arabia
• Sweden
• India
• United States of America
• United Arab Emirates
• Canada
• Belgium
• United Kingdom
• France

As you can see, Spain is not on the list; Snapchat has not coagulated the young Spanish population. For a young person like me, I have noticed since I came to Spain, young adults my age do not even have the app.

60% of young adults in the U.S. are snapchatters; they are attracted to the image, brief videos and privacy. In Spain´s case, Snapchat has not had a lot of success if we pay attention to the statistical demographics: only 28% use this application.

Let´s open up a debate, do you think Snapchat has counted the days at an international level after Instagram´s success with their updates?

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