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It has been active a few months without anyone noticed it but suddenly has become a candidate for Queen of Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2016. Could you believe it?

It is one of five startups most valued of worldwide with 16,000 billion, its the third social network that grew in 2015 a 45% according Statista, and even the White House or Cristina Pedroche have fallen into their networks in the last hours. Snapchat is getting better and better every day… Do you want to know why? Go for it!

What is it

Nothing is forever and Snapchat know about this statement. Therefore, it is a mobile application that allows sending multimedia content, but which is automatically destroyed in a maximum of ten seconds after the receiver displays the message.

How the users use it

It is an ephemeral content. There is the grace. In sharing photos and videos, which can be accompanied by text or freehand drawings, whose life cycle is really short.

The first thought that comes to the user’s mind is to use it like an experiment, making jokes and, after all, showing its more casual side, that does not dare to show on other social networks, even on Facebook. “Overall, the content will not be public for more than 10 seconds.”

That must have thought a proud father in the United States, which took Snapchat to show his child the world “disguised” in different science fiction characters such as Pinocchio, Batman or Wally.


How do marks use it?

Under the worry of being only “a place for people to share evil secrets” in the words of the company, Snapchat presented “Snapchat Stories“, a new feature that allows sharing multimedia content (videos of 10 seconds) for 24 hours.

A fact that has risen in recent days and brands start thinking about this social network as a unique opportunity. So, what looked like a toy in the United States, it is becoming a useful communication tool of digital marketing. And, its 100 million daily active users are a pretty juicy pie as not to eat anything, as much as 71% of them not exceeding 34 years.

A clear example of a brand that has been launched to conquer Snapchat across the Atlantic is McDonalds. The fast food chain dares to show the fun that exists in their establishments (pictured left) without missing the opportunity to launch expressing offers at any given time (pictured right).


Another example of a good use to mark level in this application is Taco Bell. He welcomed his new followers with an the exclusive announcement of a new product and its release date:


In the last example, the brand of frozen yogurt 16 Handles decided to congratulate his followers by sending them a discount coupon. To do this, they just had to share a photo or video, where they were consuming a product of the company:


The immediate future

According Digiday, Snapchat plans to launch this spring for a programming interface application to offer a greater variety of ads. Will it be the final boost it needs for brands bet at advertising for it in Spain? Soon we’ll find out …

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