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You are a parent, you are engaged in social media, you are proud of it and you may have overexposed your children with pictures and videos. Welcome to the Sharenting era!

What is Sharenting?

Sharenting is a peak and a combination of sharing and raising. According to an American study around 569 parents from 0 to 4-year old children in the University of Michigan, more than half of the mothers and a third of fathers share their children´s life before they are born. Have you ever thought of this being a risk in the future? How will the child react when he/she is consented? The majority has an extended digital track, created by their own parents”, signed by Sarah Clark. 


This is how it is seen in Social Media

This latest trend has collected some dimensions that the British dictionary Collins organized their pages with one of the words 2016, relating to Brexit.

Social Media is a way for people to communicate publicly; socializing is needed, obtaining recognition, empathizing, knowing everything about someone daily, pictures of vacations, etc. Without going further in the subject, Tania Llasera, the introducer, choose to post pictures of her child daily in Instagram, this news has impacted Sharenting and promised to change, however will she? For the moment, she only has posted 11 pictures after her publication.

sharenting ig

There are also parents who include their children through channels of communication. For example, the youtuber DaddyOFive, with more than 750.000 shareholders, has lost safekeeping of his children ages 9 and 11 because they were mistreated in front of camera. Is this really worth it? Just to get followers? This is ridiculous and crazy!

sharenting video

This is a terrible example we are used to seeing others. As you know, babies and children are the major stars or celebrities of social media, who has seen YouTube videos of children falling off the swing, running into toys, getting hurt, laughing or crying? Parents who post these types of videos are not aware these videos can become viral and ruin their child´s life.

Ex CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, has confirmed in some interviews the following: “in the meantime we will have online information about embarrassing teenage pictures.”


What do you think of Sharenting?

In this Sharenting article, overexposing your children, reflects on being aware of what we are doing in social media with children. Parents, aunts, and uncles will continue in the future. “Children need to create their own identity and develop their own public and private sense.”

Possibly, in the moment, before posting a video of your children on social media, will you think twice?

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