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We are living, breathing in the age and long the wavelengths of technology. Every hour or every day, people are seen glued to their mobiles, tablets and gadgets, connected to the Internet on a 24-hour basis.

Therefore, we find it hard to imagine a day when we have not taken a picture, send it via WhatsApp, or update a new Facebook profile picture. It is difficult to disconnect from a world in which millions of updates are published per second. In fact, more than 80 million photos are uploaded daily at end on Instagram. .

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What is the Evolution of photography figure in recent years?

We have become addicted to take pictures of anything and everything in our midst and horizons, ranging from: #instafood, #selfies to snapshots in the gym. We want the social spheres to know what we do, what we eat or even who we are with at all times. And of course, it would be a pity to miss photos of large events such as weddings. Ten years ago, the role of a photographer was pivotal to capture an important time such as this, thus to eliminate any worry or doubt is crucial when hiring services. Fast forward to the present however, since smartphones and other devices have evolved their camera pixels, and almost everyone now owns one at the very least, this professional work has been fogged by guests vying to embezzle the best snapshot of all time.

These people are dedicated to capture moments to upload on social networks and make their mark at the right time and step to usually – I must say – gain a extra follower (or ´like´). Guests want to capture the bride´s entrance, the kiss, launching of the bouquet, showering of rice or petals, the couple dance, etc etc. … Indirectly, we are enslaved. Thus, the rise of #InstaWedding.

Y seguimos apostando por el rojo para el cortejo del gran día 👰🏻🎩 El rojo le da el realce al banco puro de la novia, el contraste es genial y si @franciscoveliz1 está presente capta este momento para la eternidad. ✅ Insistimos en que esta combinación no ha pasado de moda representando la pasión, la energía, poder y riqueza. 😉 Escribe a para que sea su fotógrafo de bodas 👰🏻🎩 Foto de @franciscoveliz1 📸 #bodas #instabride #ideasparanovios #bride #noiva #novias #ideasparanovias #consejosparabodas #fotografodebodas #fotografovenezuela #casateenlaisla #bodasmargarita #bodasvalencia #photographerwedding #photographervzla #fotografoenmargarita #haztuboda #franciscoveliz #instaboda #bodasvalencia #weddingdress #vestidodenovia #cortejo #bouquet Una foto publicada por Haztuboda (@haztuboda) el


Applications Derived From the #InstaWedding Movement

Taking advantage of this social tug, for example, the INSTAWEDDING app offers among other of the couple in real time or book of signatures. Or the webpage putting a foot forward on a platform by the name of Wedshoots in which by using a code, will give your gusts access to the photos by a mere click on your link. According to Ana Poyo, current affairs and fashion editor of, #InstaWedding can be defined as the ¨nuptial link that is the meat of Instagram; 0% natural and 100% processed.¨

At any rate, Instagram also serves as a springboard for professionals in the photography industry who want to make themselves known.

And the digital transformation we are living in is also leading to changes in other bridal elements: For example, one of the emerging apps, http://wedreality.comallows the bride to even design her dress and try it on.

This reveals to us a significant fact, according to a study by The Knot this year: In a survey conducted upon more than 18,000 brides and grooms, 89% of the couples use their smartphones to plan their wedding.

Now, after knowing that we are gradually being developed as an elaborate product by our own social networks…The questions are: Are you in favor of it? Until what limit is reached regarding our shared love for #instantshare? 

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