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The use of social media through direct videos is more common every time. More than a year ago the soccer player Gerard Pique is a reason why people use social media more.

During March 2015, everything began with a Periscope; months later Facebook introduced Facebook Live, meaning Instagram fell behind with the retransmissions. Now with a lot of direct videos through social media, we ask ourselves, which one is better?

Periscope and Twitter, a powerful alliance

Piqué recognized Periscope, until that moment, very few knew about his existence. With his relation to Twitter, whichever user from these two separated applications, but linked.


Why Periscope?

• It offers trust and reliability within the video market and it is direct with the explorers
• It is a modern design focusing on the video, not like some other social media. Also, with Twitter´s support it has more of a consequence
• It is open to everything. In that moment, it is allowed to navigate in whichever part of the world, you can decide whether it can go public, that’s why you can generate a community based on Periscope users.
• In agreement with the NBA or mass media like Buzz Feed sends out a direct account through Twitter as if it were another channel.
• Now you can make 360 degree videos directly through Twitter and will be recognized with “Live 360” label. In Spain, the Zapeando program of LaSexta was one of the first during the broadcast from the 818 program

Facebook Live, combines seriousness and proximity

The most popular social media of the world is Facebook Live, Facebook´s purpose that allows users to broadcast and see all the direct videos of friends and followed pages. The maximum duration of the video is 90 minutes, and just like any other publication you can comment and interact with reactions (Like it, Love it, I´m sad, it is fun, I´m surprised, and I´m mad)

In reality, it is used for mass media. From the radios to the listeners the programs are fulfilled by starting the radio. The press conference or events are directly seen just like the soccer games through their Facebook page Gol Television.



Why Use Facebook Live?

• After the retransmission, the video will be saved to your biography so it does not become pre-recorded. This is something that makes Facebook Live different from its competitors.
• Notifications will be received through followers letting them know about a direct broadcast and a small video description. This is something clever for people to stop doing in the moment.
• Facebook Live has the advantage to be integrated in the same application, Periscope does not have that option.
• Allows to have filters in the video and draw over the image. Also, it has the possibility to show through HD.
• You have the opportunity to segment to your audience if the account is personal. In other words, you can choose who can see your video and who cannot. However, if it is an institution you should take advantage of the 21 million users that are in Spain, comparing it to 11 million people who have Twitter.

Instagram Live, where the informal succeed

This social media that stands out in the beginning to share pictures, is beginning to become invaded through video, it is used every time for the young public. Through the end of 2016, with the effort to dominate Snapchat, Instagram began with “Instagram Stories” and Live since it is one of the most popular social media. These videos do not are not saved on the profile, they cannot consult with the pre-recorded. In this way, if anyone loses the broadcast, there is no way to recuperate it.

It is very simple, you only need to agree with the application and slide your finger to the right of the page and press “begin direct video”. Just as the person is streaming, like the connected users can see who will be in the direct video and how many people are in the video.


Why Instagram Live?

• Since the video disappears after the retransmission, it causes users to make more videos.
• It is ideal for a young environment, get together with friends, a family dinner or even to stop the boring moment on the train.
• It is utilized for the latest influencers to answer them directly with their questions.
• The ideal is that you let them know before the date and start time at the beginning. This way your followers are prepared to connect themselves. For example, an “Instagram Storie” will send out a notification at the beginning of streaming.

We give you the options, now it is your turn to choose between all the social media with their direct videos. Which one is better?

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