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If there is something we should analyze with the last study of social media in Spain 2017 it’s the amount of time they are used daily in Spanish territories. Even though we are far away from other countries we have contact with 100%, in Spain 86% of the internet users between 16 and 65 use social media on a daily basis.

This study, is rewarded with iAB, constant evolution stands out through social media just like the users and brands. For the users, “social media is a vehicle where everything can be shown” but for all the brands “social media is raised around the clients´ way”


Is there anyone saying social media is the latest trend? In Tilo Motion we are positive it is not, that´s why we assist the Estudio en el Instituto de la Ingeniería de España presentation to discover and analyze actual social outlook. Thanks to the speakers, last years´ sector implemented an idea however there are still more things to improve in. We need to pay attention!

1. Men and women use social media equally

This essential data, even though the majority of users with social media are women (Facebook, Pinterest) and there are others men use (Twitter and Telegram) in reality the medium users is at the same level: 51% men and 49% women.

2. What are the reasons to avoid social media?

Lack of interest, privacy and lack of time are the three principal factors that causes 14% of the internet users to not have social media.

72% sector of this population feels opposed towards social media declared they are sure or most likely they will not register in any social media this year, something that is increasing (in 2016 it was 59%).

This point is maybe one of the most important from the year, if the main social media want to keep growing and having it become a part of our daily lives, it is essential to develop constantly new functionalities and to guarantee privacy.

3. We spend less time in social media

Let´s not get ahead of ourselves, it has reduced to 17 minutes. Whatsapp is leading with 5 hours and 13 minutes, and Twitch follows in second place (Social media for games). Instagram is the only that uploads (8 minutes more than last year) and Facebook falls back one hour in relation with the year.


4. The red mostly known and used is not the best

If everyone has heard of it and likes it, Facebook should be the best valued, right? (why should we use something we cannot value?) Well no, Whatsapp is the social media mostly valued, closely after YouTube and Spotify.

If we keep seeing the report we will notice these three social media are not the best valued without reason, in reality intimately bound with 2 actions through social media. Chatting/Sending messages and seeing/listening in relation to 2016.

5. Twitter does not fall like it hoped to

Even though it is true Twitter is the social media with abandoned users, the users that leave are replaced, it will maintain this way in 2016.

Even though the majority confirms Twitter has gone away, that is not the situation in Spain.

6. We use less social media than we declare

According to this study, besides attending the responses from the survey respondents, it is monitored, thanks to NetQuest, the real behavior from PC, phone and tablet during the attainment.

Thanks to this social media such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook we spend more time we them than we say we do. In the opposite sector Telegram and Google+, it is confessed more than monitored.


7. A phone overcomes a computer for the first time through social media

Even though with a little difference, a cellphone overcomes the computer and it is the king of social media, uploading 3 main points in 2016. This is intimately bound to our behavior: if the PC is used to at 20.30h (at night), you can see this during the day with your cellphone, prime time begins at 13h and finishes at 00.30 (what causes low connectivity)

It is interesting how this third mechanism, the tablet, does not fall. It is precisely the other way around; it has gone up from 28% to 55%!


8. 8 out of 10 users follow brands, but trusting it is not anything easy

The relationship between users and brands in social media is narrow as we can imagine, 83% follow them and 39% do it in an intense manner. The entertainment, culture and media are the sector with the most followers.

A surprising fact is how trustworthy a brand is inspired through social media. This has been repeated several times it needs to be on social media, and 25% of the users are busy preparing for this: if you are on social media, you inspire trust, what is the problem? A year ago, having social media gave privacy to 31% of survey respondents. Having social media does not give privacy easily, and it does not influence purchasing items: a year ago it was 65%, now it is 52%.

9. Be careful with advertising, 39% of users are annoyed with this

This is another issue. Even though 1 out of 4 people like having publicity according to their interests, 39% are annoyed with this publicity through social media. This keeps on increasing, last year it was only 20%.

Are things done right? It seems like they are not, at least half of the survey respondents have ad blockers. And you can find them in a PC, cellphone, and Tablet.

10. Following brands does not mean you want to be contacted through social media

One thing is following brands through social media and another is for them to contact you. If 1 out of 3 does not see it as anything bad, another third is opposed to this. Half of the survey respondents think once a week in contact should be fine.

It is obvious the study in Spain through social media has more influence on us daily, but we need to recognize the point of view of brands and companies still need to develop and improve.

It is evident in one year the strategies through social media should acquire the user and their behavior through social media. Users being open to communicate through social media is a fact, however the discomfort of advertising and the lack of trust, are not the best signs.

We have a year to direct everything about this report, change our strategies, analyze change and see results in the study for next year, where we will bring the best news!

Estudio de Redes Sociales de iAB Spain 2017 and if you want to see the changes this year, do not hesitate to see the analysis of 2016 Study.

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