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We have it more than assumed: once Halloween passes, the next step is to think about the Christmas holidays and New Year Eve (with the exception of thanksgiving if you are in US territory). So to avoid being another revival post and let´s thinking about social media strategies for the next year, we dare to predict the immediate future of the social media environment. Can we start?



The king is the king, and we have to give him the award he deserves (no matter how much we are still on Twitter). The social network of Zuckerberg had a particularly busy year, but firmly maintains the leadership.

That they have not won the stories of Facebook is not something that seems to bother them, since they are having success on Instagram (which Facebook already own). Rather, this network is focused on continue launching and implementing new features: Wallapop was shaken with the launch of Facebook Marketplace (does this would end the famous groups of “buy / sell / exchange”?).

Nor it´s completely defined where Facebook wants to reach when they create “Local Facebook“. Maybe this try to compete with TripAdvisor? Whatever it is, another year remains untouchable which serves as a guide to Zuckerberg: take all the oppotunities.

Another way they are emphasizing it´s the 360 ​​photos and videos: it seems that Facebook will allow you to capture this type of content without buying a special gadget. And the augmented reality is the second line of action for next year… despite the mistake of making the presentation of this area in an environment destroyed by the recent hurricane Irma. Was it hard to take a look at the environment before the event?


The messaging service detached from the app itself, Facebook Messenger, is also one of the main players in the immediate future. The ads has begun to appear in random conversations confirms it: no one wastes time implementing advertising -with the consequent of putting ads where there are none-. And what could this new this can be used? The theories go through an approach of the communication channel to the business world. Will this be our new customer service mailbox?

Last but not least, all social network managers are facing an uncertain future in front of the “Explore” tab, where it seems that the publications of the pages will be centralized. Not only will it drastically reduce the audience we reach, but it seems that the pay-per-win model so criticized in videogames will be imposed: pay to appear in the usual news feed and impact your audience.



On the network of the little bird we can say that he is not dead at all, just in a long vacation. After an objectively long period of freezing and inaction, he came back stomping and, at least, giving something to talk about. Yes, we are talking about the 280 characters that have been talked about at length. This isn´t gone unnoticed that the number of characters in the name has also increased, extending them to a total of 50. Declaning the character discussion is as simple as using them only if you need them. Twitter maintains it´s format of brevity and instantaneity, so users will not be obligated to use the 280. That something exists does not mean that we always use it, right?

That same question can be applied to the sponsored advertising of Facebook. Beyond the daily sponsored Trending Topic (the first on the list, mention only the one who has paid to appear), what other type of advertising is on Twitter? Or, refining the right target: can Twitter compete in terms of messages promoted with the giant Facebook Business Manager? The answer may be no, and that’s why the piles have been innovating in advertising when they launch the Video Website Card.

Of course, Jack’s network is not short of problems: a couple of days ago announced the withdrawal of the verification system for “being broken.” Rather, it is due to the coincidence of different factors: the sending of the wrong message (“we only verify accounts that send content of interest to our audience”) in the wrong context (when, by mistake, they verified the profile of a radical extremist).


A laps with this system, little by little seems to be shaping a new environment where Twitter is comfortable: as a customer service channel and as a common point to comment about television. Hopefully you don´t  lose this one, your last redoubt, at the hands of other networks. Meanwhile, the shadow of the millions of registered users who are bots glides over the blue bird, silently remembering that it is still a problem.


Not only on Twitter do we find bots, since the jewel in the crown of the Facebook empire also has its own thing. Do you also hear those random comments in which they say “nice pic!” To a photo of 2015? But, let’s face it, Instagram is in it´s moment of glory. While savoring the honeys of victory with their stories, is slowly assuming its commercial side. He has begun to implement a short but direct message in the influencers’ publications: “Sponsored by X”. It’s that easy to resolve the issue of unclear sponsorships.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-14 a las 13.48.43

On the other hand, also commercially and the reality is that IG is our new commercial center, it has been considering for some time on the creation of price labels for the different products on display. And from there, a “Buy” button to a next step!


The chaos that made the social network that carries as a logo a ghost on a yellow background. It grew a lot, until the stories appeared and it deflated and began to lose investors. But if something has remained stable and fixed, it is the adolescent audience. Just as Twitter has its “hard core” (among which I include myself), Snapchat keeps the adolescent audience. We do not enter to value those who record something with Snapchat filters to publish it on Instagram. Karma will judge you!


WhatsApp y Pinterest

Two brief notes before finishing: Pinterest has begun to show advertising in it´s searches. With over 2,000 million searches per month, it seems logical that they mimic the advertising we find on Google searches. That’s right: they insist on affirming that they do not want to be a social network, but rather “content search engine”.

Sin título-1

But in other things, WhatsApp has two challenges ahead for 2018. The arrival of WhatsApp Business to Spain is more than imminent, and we will have to see what kind of uses the brands give them. Is this the way to monetize the application that Zuckerberg is so insistently looking for? Finally, and in a personal way, we add another contribution. Does anyone believe that one of the challenges of WhatsApp for next year is to end the chains of messages that promise us good/bad luck? No? No one…?

So far this review of the future of social media in 2018! If you think that we forget something or something you can contribute, leave us a comment!

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