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What profiles do you have on social media? How many times a day do you check your notifications? Surely more than enough times and less than you need to. I have checked my phone to see what time it is and I end up looking at all my social media apps, without realizing I actually did not see the time. I do not think this has not happened to you.

As you all know, all the things you do in excess is terrible, we are coming to a point where accepting addiction towards social media is normal. In a lot of sectors, where we work with the internet and social media, we see ourselves immersed in this digital world we cannot escape. For example, personal life and work. Everything revolves around social media. What is the point of this? Having a lots of followers and increase the number of them, and why not try and be “popular”? In the case of businesses, the goal is to sell.

In the beginning for the adult, it should be simple differentiating what is affecting the person negatively and put a solution to it. However, for a teenager, it is more intense, it actually can be really dangerous.

We spend all day on the internet. To inform us, communicate with others, buy things, and to entertain ourselves. However, if you do not know how to disconnect from the internet, affects our personal relationship, character, and of course, our emotions.


What are the social media applications that affect our well-being and why?

A teenager´s brain does not have the maturity as the adult. They are still forming their personality, and their self-esteem is affected more than an older person.

According to the survey Royal Society for Public Health and Young Health Movement in the United Kingdom, where there were a lot of consults between a thousand and a hundred people between 14 and 24 years old. It has come the conclusion where some social media networks affect our well-being negatively, and some are more harmful than others.

Shirley Cramer, director of RSPH, has declared that all the social media networks, the most harmful is Instagram.  According to the results, it´s confirmed it causes stress, insomnia, and inferior feelings. The second one on the negative list is Snapchat. It is similar to the previous one, and the affect is negative just like Instagram, however, Snapchat has a positive point, allows self-expression.

The other harmful social media network is Facebook, it creates a lot of social pressure because of the interactions made by users in their profiles, has completely created an audience, however young people negatively and lowers their self-esteem.


Positive Social Media

Through this survey there has been positive information towards social media. For example, Twitter just like YouTube are known to be beneficial. Even though twitter has affected people emotionally, it is one of the best to express and let go of your thoughts.

In relation to YouTube, it is the only social media that contributes positive affect of well-being and emotions towards the public. It is social media application where sensitivity, self-expression, participation, and a sense of a strong community is encouraged.

Even though there is social media that affect our emotions, all of them coincide with a common point, lack of sleep. One way or another, short or long term, all of them affect us and change our basic habits, this is how it works on a day-to-day basis.


The dangers of Social Media in real life  

Social Media has the same dangers as in the real life, with the only difference that communication is transmitted with only one click. It is a sincere reflection of our society.

Rumors, false news, bullying, eating inconveniences, etc. are shown through social media. Internet, social media, T.V., and all of the other forms of communication are only tools with information; the most important thing is learning how to differentiate what we receive will benefit us and what will harm us, in order to decide the best for ourselves.

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