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Google continues with the purpose of being the master of all technology and has now proposed to dethrone the reign of WhatsApp as a leader in instant messaging with its more than 1,000 million users.

With this objective RCS was born thanks to the agreement between manufacturers, operators and Google, and with the firm purpose of being an improved evolution of SMS. Unlike WhatsApp, the RCS will be integrated in the terminal factory and will appear in the menu without having to download it.

What is RCS?

They are the abbreviations of ‘Rich Communications Services’, and it is the proposal that Google launches to become the hangman of WhatsApp. The idea is to modernize the SMS, since it is not a secret to voices that are stagnant and are only used in companies to send promotions, remember the appointment of the dentist or send you the verification code of any app. In addition, that “I do not send SMS because it costs money” has become a false excuse because in almost all rates come with free messages.

The objective is to adapt the SMS to the new times. In the RCS, all its functions are integrated in the call menu in which stand out: indicators of writing, confirmation of reading, file sharing or making a video conference, among others.

Currently the GSMA has the current business of the companies by SMS with 60,000 million users and is expected to increase 10% this year thanks to the RCS. In the forecast they handle, more than 220 million users will use this application in 2018 thanks to their arrival in 50 networks around the world.


What advantages does RCS have over WhatsApp?

  • It has the security and reliability protocols of SMS.
  • Allows geolocation.
  • Very useful for companies and customers to streamline procedures. Eg Full billing online, send boarding passes, express commercial promotions, manage reservations and check in / out.
  • Full security thanks to the verified profiles.
  • Personalization of the brand with rich content.
  • Possibility of sending predetermined answers.

At first glance everything is predestined to the RCS triumph, but Google has another giant before himself that is not going to let everything be so easy and that is Apple. The agreement with Android is total and will be integrated in its terminals, but with the brand of the apple has not yet signed anything. They claim that they already have iMessage and that until they see that RCS sits among the users they will wait.

The answer is called ‘WhatsApp Business’

The fight to be the preferred mobile messaging application among users will be difficult for RCS to surpass WhatsApp, since others such as Telegram and Line have tried it and they did not succeed, but what does seem to be the favorite among companies to communicate with Your clients.

Faced with this threat, WhatsApp Business was created to connect in a more direct and easy way with customers, it is already enabled in the United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States and will soon reach the rest of the countries. In this case, it will be implemented in the iOS operating system, something that may be key for companies to decide to discard the RCS until there is an agreement between them.

In principle it will be a free APP where companies must download to send a large volume of messages although in the future it is not ruled out that it is paid.


Which are the advantages of companies with WhatsApp Business?

  • It has a company profile that provides the customer with the most useful information of the company: description, address, schedules, etc.
  • The intention is that the verified accounts arrive as soon as possible, as is the case with RCS, so that it is more reliable and generates full trust among the clients when receiving a message.
  • Offer a customer service nearby and through the most used messaging APP.
  • New smart messaging tools: quick answers to frequently asked questions, default welcome messages or absence to clients.
  • Take advantage of WhatsApp Web: you can send and receive messages from your computer.
  • If you are a company, among the contacts you will appear as a “Company Account” when verifying that the phone number matches the company number.

Are you going to give the RCS a chance or will you remain faithful to Whatsapp?

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