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The Stories have invaded our day to day in RRSS is a fact. Now you feel weird if you go to a restaurant for lunch, celebrate a birthday or go on a trip and do not upload a story to your followers. The boom of this phenomenon comes from the need of users in Social Networks to retransmit practically everything live of what is happening.

Snapchat was the pioneer in seeing that users in RRSS prioritize speed and usefulness above all, and that in a few minutes you can see everything that has happened to your friends. Seeing that he triumphed, above all, among the most adolescent audience, Instagram decided to copy this idea and it was when he turned the Stories into a success.

Snapchat invented it and Instagram raised it to fame

Snapchat is officially launched in September 2011 but it was not until October of the following year where its flagship product was born: “The Stories”. Since then, Snapchat has not stopped growing, especially among the youngest. In 2014, 40% of 18-year-olds from EEUU used this social network on a daily basis, reaching in a little more than four years the 100 million daily users around the world.

Everything changes in the moment that Instagram in August of 2016 decides to do the same and creates its Instagram Stories copying the idea of ​​Snapchat to upload content that only lasts 24 hours and after that time disappear. After this launch, a study by TechCrunch revealed very conclusive data:

  • Snapchat Stories visualizations fell between 20 and 30 percent.
  • The influencers, faced with this drop in Snapchat, decided to bet more on Instagram. It was shown how an influencer went from having 1.2 million followers on Instagram to 4.3 million from August 2016 to January 2017.
  • Since the arrival of Instagram Stories, Snapchat goes from being in the top 3 of the most popular apps in 2016 to be today out of the top 20 in App Store and Apple Store.

Instagram is committed to “renew or die”

People are addicted to Instagram Stories and is something that has no discussion, as shown in less than a year, Instagram has exceeded Snapchat in active users on a daily basis becoming the third most used social network in the world just below of Facebook and YouTube according to the latest data of the “2018 Global Digital” report.

That is why Instagram after being bought in 2012 by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, does not stop to update to prevent this social network is a fad and consolidates over time.

In these months they have not stopped taking news:

  • End restrictions on horizontal content: The problem of only uploading photos vertically to not cut anything or anyone in the photo is over.
  • GIFs return: The animated images have conquered all of us and although we had to suffer for a few weeks of disappearance on Instagram Stories due to problems with Giphy, but they are back.
  • More text sources: The Classic font has new partners such as: Modern, Neon, Typewriter and Strong so you can play with typography and text size in your publications and be more attractive.
  • Power the interaction with a survey: The use of surveys allows you to better know your followers and enhance interaction with them.
  • Do not lose your Stories: With the function of “Highlight” you can set your best stories in your profile and also can group them as you want (trips, events, restaurants …). In the upper right corner you have “Files”, an arrow shaped like a clock that allows you to see all your stories.
  • No more screenshots: Now if you want to capture an image of another person you will receive a warning that next time the user will be notified that you have made a capture in their story.

capturas-pantalla-instagramMore than 800 million users per month and 500 million active users per day make Instagram one of the most economical and effective social networks from the business point of view. This is because the format of the Stories is so visual and fast (10 – 15 seconds long) that you can hook a potential customer of your brand in record time.

Without forgetting that these stories can carry sound, it is estimated that 70% of users see the stories with the sound activated. A very important fact for companies when creating successful ads in this format.

Knowing the way they have with companies, and that the number of advertisers in this social network exceeds 2 million, Instagram decided that they can upload up to three Stories at once, instead of one as it was at the beginning, so that no company has any doubts in announcing itself.

Why do not you succeed on WhatsApp and Facebook?

All ideas that succeed tend to copy, this went well to Instagram with the Stories of Snapchat but it seems that the same has happened on Whatsapp and Facebook. The idea of ​​implementing the Stories in its three star products, Mark Zuckerberg custom, is due to the desire to link the most famous functions in all its social networks.

The inclusion of the Stories in WhatsApp is related to the intention to promote the states, while Facebook is aimed more at the leading social network in the world can not leave out this function that is so striking.


But why does not it triumph among the millennial generation? One of the reasons is that the Instagram audience is much younger compared to the other social networks and that many of them come from having Snapchat as their first social network, and therefore they have grown up with this type of Storie that encourages Instagram.



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