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When the year is over its time to review which is the post that got more ¨Likes¨ on Instagram or what tweet has been the most RT.

Within the world of social media, the mainstay that is on Instagram which has consolidated in 2017 as the most complete social network and accepted by users since it is not used only to upload photographs as in the beginnings, but has become the favorite social media for the broadcast of live videos, upload stories, publish photo galleries or to have a private group with your family or friends.

This has led to the incredible number of 25 million businesses that have a corporate profile in this social media and that has grown by more than 100 million users in the last five months.

Lets start!

Babies takeover 2017

On Instagram, Beyoncé and Cristiano Ronaldo were fighting for the post with  more “likes” exceeding 11 million. The curious thing that both publications have in common is that they show the arrival of a new baby to the family.

The singer was the first person to overcome the barrier of 11 million “likes” on this social network with the photo that appears with a veil and a blue background full of flowers announcing her pregnancy:

While Beyoncé savored his triumph, Cristiano Ronaldo show up, a man accustomed to break records in sports and that takes advantage of his status as an athlete with more followers in social media, he try to snatch the record of the singer and be still pending until the last day of the year to see who will be the winning publication with the photo that announces the birth of his daughter Alana Martina with his girlfriend Georgina and his eldest son Cristiano Jr at the hospital:

A Alana Martina acaba de nascer! Tanto a Geo como a Alana estão muito bem! Estamos todos muito felizes! ❤️ Una publicación compartida de Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) el 

 Which is the most used hashtag on Instagram?

This 2017 is a special year for the hashtag that celebrated its tenth anniversary on Twitter and that has been consolidated on Instagram as a fundamental element in the users lives on Social Networks.

If we follow the clues that the posts of Beyoncé and Cristiano Ronaldo have given us, its to be assumed that one more year has been #Love the most used hashtag on Instagram.

The list show it:


“Nothing is impossible” on Twitter

On Twitter, the social network in which the troll side triumphs and where the challenges that may seem most absurd become reality,  since the RT tweet on which Carter Wilkerson, an unknown citizen from the United States, challenged Wendy’s, a fried chicken brand, asking them how many RTs he had to get to give him free food for a year.

The Community Manager of the brand responded that 18 million retweets and although it has not reached that figure can boast of having the most RT in history, even surpassing the on of Ellen DeGeneres and her famous selfie at the Oscars gala.

You are the host on Facebook

#yearinreview returns to Facebook, the leading social network in our lives, which collects through a video the best moments we spent in this 2017 and takes your nostalgic side.

Facebook as you know that there are things that you may not want to remember leaves you the option to enter so you can change the photos that appear in the video and publish it whenever you want.

We put an end to a great year in advance in social networks, but… what does 2018 hold for us in the Social Media world?


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