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Nowadays to set aside efforts and budget to mobile marketing is an obligation. Many companies and organizations know it, but when comes the moment to work the first “barrier” arises: ” How can I do it, with an app or a mobile web? “.

Certainly, the most beneficial thing would be to have both, but a lot of organizations and enterprises cannot allow it (at least initially) and they have to decide between one of them. Which is better?.

Firstly, to avoid confusions, we are going to define what is each thing:

Mobile App: it is a designed software developed ad hoc to use it in mobile devices. To be able to use an app is necessary to download it and to install it in the device.

Mobile web: it’s a site whose design, navigation, contents and services are optimized for the access and use across a mobile device. To download it is not necessary because you have an access via a web browser.

Now that this two points are clear, the next step is to know how it work and what are the advantages. Through this interesting Graphic ofMDG Advertising (which you can observe below), you can compare the two points :


   Mobile App: It depends directly on a distributor to download it (maybe with charges for being available in the platform).

   Mobile webs: directly through a browser. From any place a person can have an access to a web site from a browser or search engines (and it will promote the positioning).


   Mobile Apps: you can have an access in offline mode.

   Mobile webs: depending of informations connection.


   Mobile App: Very fast and in addition it has a better capacity and returns.

   Mobile web: Fast, but it depends on the speed of load of the web (and in many cases it’s very slow).

Costs of development:

   Mobile App: Expensive. among many things, it is necessary to adapt it to every operating system.

   Web mobiles: Reasonable.


   Mobile App: It needs approval.

   Web mobile: it does not depend on approval.

Another interesting point (that does not offer the graphic) is:


   Mobile App: the user must download the updates.

   Mobile web: Updates are made itself automatically.

Now, the complete overview is more clear, but to take a decision is still be complicated. Continuing with the graphic:

1. The use of Applications has grown very much, overcoming during a time use to the webs.

2. Mobile webs attract more people, but users of apps connect much more with brands and organizations

3. Users decide between apps or webs in accordance with to the content:
– To buy, to search or to take care of itself , users use mobile webs instead of apps.
– To communicate, to be informed, to guide or to connect with friends, apps win.

Now, it’s up to you to decide you what is the best for your business.

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