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Sell, sell and sell.” These were the words that an entrepreneur said about the action when you start a business. Make no mistake, bad reputation in this country have the office of a commercial or seller (just look at the names that acquires the position over time), the company began to sell.

With sales there is investment. With sales there (or can be) salary increases. With sales there is innovation. Without them there is EREs, downsizing, economic adjustments and widespread complaints. And sales are not easy to get. This post will focus on several keys to sell like Fonseca:

  1. Trust

The key to any transaction at any level, either buy a chewing gum or an industrial machine. Confidence in the business (in people, at the end) in the product, brand or company. Confidence in resolving our need is what will make us to buy this or that person.

  1. Conversation

One reason that such a bad name was given to business has been “put product” or “sell refrigerators to Eskimos,” as they say. That is, selling someone something that will not satisfy your need. If you previously talked about trust, now the need to let the customer speak, listen, understand and be, by the seller, transparent is highlighted. Sometimes it is better to not sell than a bad sale.

  1. The body speaks

Nonverbal expression is decisive, not saying anything new. Our body, our clothes, our expression sells. Even when we are talking by phone and do not see us, a smile, an optimistic mood or, using the phone, standing as we speak, help the perception our customer has of us.

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  1. Time

If we talk about sale of certain packaging, including B2B services, we hardly buy on the first visit or conversation. Who bought the first car that went to see? We usually ask for a proposal and time to think about it, perhaps a second proposal, adjusting pricing or service, and a little more time to think. And it is a time that we give our potential customer. But how much we give? Would you call immediately or wait for you to contact us? The best thing is, once you have our proposal, whet reasonable track until it is decided, without subjugating but without letting us forget.

  1. Managing the sales cycle

We can go to sell like crazy, without studying, without knowing the decisional maturation time for our product or our customer, but understand and manage well our sales cycle will help us better refining actions to perform. Each person per each product will have a cycle, so we can not rely on others’ experiences to determine our own. The sales cycle basically consists of knowing how many NO we need to get a YES, or expressing it in another way, how many calls we need to make, how many visits we need to get these calls and make any proposals for a project. Of course it depends on the product or service, but in general the proposal accepted ratio is 1 out of 10 is usually not a bad number.

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