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Known as ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline)Online Search Buy Offline, is one of the many types of buying trends.

It can also be known as ROBO (Research Online Buy Offline) and O2S (Online to Store).

It consists of the user or consumer looking for the information of the product or service that he wants to buy on the internet, in this way he makes the decision to compare and acquires it in the physical establishment. That is, consult and compare the characteristics and prices of that product or service and go to the store to buy it.

It is a more usual buying trend than we think and of course… it is measurable. Great, right? Keep reading and find out how you can work this type of conversion.

How are ROPO consumers in Spain?

consumidor ROPO

According to Opiniac, a company specializing in the analysis of user behavior, 70% of consumers perform this practice, but this thing does not stop there, since according to Fnac France, users who previously consulted the products on the Internet, spend a 33 % more in store, than those who do not.

Unlike the so-called showrooming, which tests the products in stores and then purchases them online, the webrooming (ROPO consumers) are mostly men, 75% compared to 63% of women. They are active users of smartphone, laptop and tablet.

All these data confirm us that the physical store is still the queen of sales, leaving the internet as an information tool, provocative and persuasive. In this way, Content Marketing gains strength, that is, the more specialized and clear the information, the greater number of users will be able to make the purchasing decision, as opposed to other e-commerce whose information is not so illuminating.

How to elaborate a digital strategy with ROPO?

estrategia de marketing

Knowing the trends of our potential customers is what will help us define our specific Marketing strategy, to succeed our business.

It is known that around 54% of consumers want to be informed before buying a product on the Internet. However, only 16% opt for an immediate off-line purchase to be able to own that product immediately.

This means that the compulsive purchase has gone into the background, and that the user is more interested in previously finding out about the product or service, to find the highest quality or the best price.

How can we take advantage and measure the ROPO effect and the showrooming?

estrategia ROPO

These effects are an advantage for those businesses that are present in the physical world and in e-commerce.

The secret is to unite social trends and make them work in symbiosis to benefit our business.

  • As we had said before, what the user wants now is to compare, we are like that… we want to get the best, at the best price and as soon as possible. If we offer all this we will not have a competitor, but the most important point is the comparison. Activate a comparator on your own website: If you can afford it, investigate how to facilitate this task to your potential clients. Create a comparator or send them to an existing one, but, very important, include a QR code or the physical store information. If you can make it clear that if they buy in your store they will get a greater benefit, either by price, quality, comfort, future discounts, more information… it will be a tool to overcome your competition.
  • Analyze in your existing comparators your product or service with your competitors and think about your added value compared to other e-commerces.
  • Vouchers or discount codes: Offer your customers in the online world advantages and benefits such as exclusive promotions and preferential treatment when they visit your physical store. These vouchers or codes are presented later in the box and is a way to count how many customers come through the web.
  • Do you have the possibility to create an app? The world of mobile applications is infinite, it´s an area that is still to be explored and there is still a lot to invent, but for now it is a spectacular tool to be able to make your online customer identify in the offline store. This is what the great Swedish power “IKEA” has managed to perform optimally and conveniently for the customer. IKEA does not deliver at home, therefore, they have had to devise a way for this to go unnoticed and they have achieved it thanks to their app store. In this app you can buy the products and have to go through the box to mark them as collected. It is the perfect way to meet the public of your e-commerce, but this is not all, but having the consumer data you can make a map of population, location, age, sex, average level of the cart … all the information what you need to develop marketing strategies and much more. Information is power!
  • Also include downloadable QR codes in the list of product, indicating that with them you can find these products in the physical store, either showing them to the seller or with a reader that indicates where they are.
  • “Pick up in store” as one of the options for shipping products purchased online. Many e-commerce already use this persuasion tactic, claiming that the store pick up is free. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet your online customer.
  • Client registration: Make it possible to register a user both in the offline store and online. And of course it is of vital importance that later in the store you can identify them as your customers.
  • Loyalty systems: Points for purchases are wonderful and work perfectly. Loyalty your customer with shopping facilities and be grateful to them, do not forget that “word of mouth” continues to be the best advertising.

Conclusios about ROPO trend

ROPO compra en tienda física búsqueda online

In recent times we have focused on getting as many online sales as possible, but as we can see the triumph is to combine online and offline purchases.

There is a world full of possibilities on creating fantastic marketing strategies that help us to know our users and offer them what they are looking for. Also, do not forget the segmentation and usage of Social Networks. Invite your customers to be part of your brand and offer them advertising that interests them.

Enjoy this new information and take advantage of the market to achieve the best results in your business.

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