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Cómo hacer linbuilding

The Link Building is one of the fundamental pedestal of SEO positioning that tries to increase the authority of a web as much as possible by generating external links that point to it. With this, we not only get search engines to position the web, but, if the links are with quality, we increase the visibility of the web exponentially.

That is, its a strategy of developing authority and visibility in an “artificial” way.

How it was done before the Link Building

Years ago the search engines did not analyze the number and which type of link, for that reason SEO strategies of Linkbuilding were made in a massive way, regardless of whether the web in which the link was placed had to do with the theme of the web worked or if the link, seemed created naturally or not.

Before everything was worth it, and we knew it, creating a lot of links ¨just for create¨, gave good results and it was a simple way to improve our website.

But this beautiful thing ended. Google realized that the world of linkbuilding became illicit, and some how a network of buying and selling links was created and did not go unnoticed. The ethical conflict that this issue had generated was cut off by the roots, with our much appreciated Penguin algorithm coming into order.

Its about the algorithm responsible for investigating all the links of a web and looks for suspicious patterns in the creation of these to manipulate the SERPs.

Therefore, it is no longer valid to build a Link Building war for a long time; we must work on it, create and generate natural links, and those that are not, make them look as natural as possible.

estrategia SEO

Tips for our Link Building strategy for work

In the first place we have to be clear that there are pages that do deserve to be linked and there are others that probably do not serve us at all. Thats all, the strategy and creation of Links is an expensive and time-consuming job, so the first thing is to know the authority and level of spam on the websites where we are going to place our domain.

  1. Know the web Authority

I recommend Moz as a basic SEO tool, this will tell us the domain authority that has a website, the page authority and the level of spam that we can find. This Ranking goes from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest. It is important that the chosen pages have a high Domain Authority so this would affects us in a positive way.

moz autoridad de dominio

  1. Web thematic

Its essential that the pages where we place the domain have a content related to our website, it is useless for my website to talk about SEO and link my content with a web of furnitures.

If the search engine finds no relationship between the websites, the effect will be minimal.

  1. Types of external links. Do and Do Not Follow

When we create a link outside our website, it can be in two ways.

Follow links: These are links that search engines can follow since you are telling them with that label, that the link is interesting and enriching.

No Follow links: Those that the search engines will not follow, since the no-follow tag it communicates that its not necessary.

Therefore, once we know the difference between one and the other, we must bear in mind that the ones that really interest us are the clear dofollows, those that will give us more of important authority, but as we have said before, there is a Penguin  that is watching your steps and if you see that all your external links are follow up, they will know that you have done them intentionally and also you dont got the deference to hide or disguise it.

Therefore, let them always be half and half. There are forums pages, blogs or magazines that do not allow follow links and I recommend that you also create links on those pages.

The most important thing is that it is natural, therefore, that the percentage between links follow and not follow is not exactly 50% – 50% but figures that do not seem so artificial.


  1. What is the anchor text?

Its the keywords on which we anchor the link that we want to share. These words will help us to position ourselves for the terms that interest us. The search engines have perfected this action, and its important to communicate what the link will offer us. It is no longer worth putting a URL, now it has to be perfectly implemented in the text, in a natural and coherent way.

As a recommendation it is important to use exactly the words that describe that one link, but also if we are going to place it on different websites, its advisable to slightly change it so that each one contributes strength to our domain. That is, if a link is going to be placed on 15 different websites it is necessary that each anchor text be different with small variations, in this way we will enrich the keywords positioned.

  1. Be better than your competitors

You need to know what your competition is doing in terms of Link Building strategy. It is a necessary actions if what you want is to be superior to it, for that you have several tools that can help you to find out where the links of your main competitor are anchored.

One of the most recommendable is Ahrefs, this small but great tool, will inform you of all the back linkn of any URL that you put in the search engine. All you have to do is analyze what you have and improve it. And yes … it is for payment, but if you learn to use it correctly it would be a great ally.

Another of the star tools is SEMRush. Its a great tool for a million other reasons, but in this case our interest is that it specifies the backlinks of any domain.

Knowing how your competition works is vital to improve and not be left behind in the struggle of potential customers, so you must do an exhaustive research and from there, build your Link Building strategy.

Link Building conclusions

As a conclusion we have to be clear about where we are going to place our links, since we are going to invest a lot of time and effort in it, so the ideal is that it gives us results. To do this, bear in mind the authority of each page you investigate, the type of link dofollow or nofollow, thematic of the web, the anchor text that you will use as anchor text and the links that your competition has.

With this and a little time, improve the authority and visibility of your website.

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