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Google keeps updating the algorithm and that makes us look for new ways and practices that give us good results on the Internet. Thats why today we are going to talk about content clusters, where you will discover what they are and how we have to use them to increase visits on out websites.

What is a Cluster?

The first thing you have to know is that the clusters categorize the content of the web within the search engine. The categorization of the content is based on the main theme of our page and from this, the rest of the topics are born, building the main pillar. So Google believes that pillar is an authority or expert in the field awarding him with the best positions.

The goal that Google has is that the content of the web pages is well ordered, or what is the same, wants a good architecture, simple and clean of our website. So that you can understand it better we leave you this informative video:

Cluster to categorize the content

Every day more companies that are dedicated to electronic commerce realize the importance of SEO on the internet and changes in the algorithm of Google, that is why they are changing their websites and begin to give importance to the content and the value it has for the user.

Currently the way to searching the internet has changed, before we did it for the keyword, today every time is done with the semantic search.

An example of this, to understand it well is, for example, if we search “i feel depressed” the results that Google will show us are the symptoms or treatment of depression. These answers are not what we are looking for, but as they are related, they appear.

To solve this, Google was updated in 2013 (Hummingbird) and ordered the results according to the questions of the users. But as it was not entirely accurate, in 2015 there was a new algorithm (Rankbrain) based on understanding the context of the searches.

Today the problem that exists in that al companies are generating a lot of content and competing with themselves for the same keyword and the rest of the pages, knowing that the cluster is based on organizing by a main theme and from it the sub-topics are born.

Cluster and organization by the topics

With the cluster we are going to position in a different way, we no longer do it for keywords but for topics, so we sill have a much clearer and simpler structure of our website for Google.

The change in the way of searching has made the clusters make sense, the algorithms in search engines are changed because users change the way they look for information.

Sometime ago, users searched through keywords without prepositions or connectors, that why they looked like searches made by a robot. Today is different, we write sentences and complete questions.

How to make a cluster: step by step

In order to create a cluster you have to know these three characteristics:

  • It is not a cluster if our URL is competing for a long tail.
  • A very specific theme is not a cluster.
  • A general theme that touches many aspects is a cluster.

We take it to an example of a marketing website: if we want to create a cluster of “marketing content”, the first thing is to analyze the content we have on our page and group it by the different topics.

To create that main pillar of which we have spoken and to be able to highlight different aspects in a single page we must focus:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Inboud marketing
  • Blogs
  • Skill and Productivity in writing
  • Content planning
  • Branded content
  • Types of content
  • The most read articles

So at the end, we have to say that it is very important that everything revolves around the cluster and for it to work well it is good that the content is linked.

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