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DoubleClick Publicidad Programatica

There is a vital necessity from manufacturers to be present at the time of purchase intention of users in the digital universe. That search is a race against time to understand the user and how to satisfy them. The picture is becoming more complicated, because we have become unpredictable, our behaviour is more and more personal and less collective, unfaithful, we are constantly changing our minds depending on the use of technology at our disposal and we have become immediate and when we want things we want them now.

Programmatic advertising, as the user, is going to be the new best friend of advertisers, agencies, websites and apps dedicated to display spaces.

DoubleClick, another arm of Google, seems destined to be positioned in 2016 as the priority supplier in the digital market for its type of advertising, which is gaining more and more ground in sales of advertising space in real time.

These are the advantages:

  • Flexibility in buying, and the possibility of buying an impression when the odds are greater conversion.
  • Great power of segmentation, making it possible for advertisers to customize messages to the maximum depending on the device.
  • Adaptation to multi-devices.
  • Cost savings.
  • Monitoring unified in the whole process.

Investment in programmatic advertising grew 50% in 2015 reaching almost the 14 billion euros, and in 2017 is projected to 8 out of 10 display ads and it will be bought in this way. Amazing, isn’t it?

Today you can create, make transactions, and manage digital advertising on any device with a large range of possibilities. The main reason is the solution that brings Google to this system. Reaching consumers, who are constantly connected today it is a priority. It must be effective, being able to navigate through the morning with our mobile, at noon with a tablet and in the evening with a laptop or desktop. In this way, our purchase intent can be shown at any time.

publicidad programatica doubleclick

On the other hand, DoubleClick offers a comprehensive perspective and real-time audience, providing a multi-platform and multi-stock purchase, on different channels, as well as, unified data analysis. Integration with Ad Exchange provides access to all providers, commercial breaks and more configuration options than AdSense.

The marketing program allows us to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. It makes it clear depending on the type of screen that we used and measuring our personal best moment on the purchase intent. Like other Google services, we have the segmentation and it come to us but with the difference that advertisers and agencies serve to the global, unified, accessible information and facilitating the process, saving time, money and ensuring the best performance. Could it be best?

It is not the solution to all problems but a growing trend, which makes life easier and for many in the digital world business.


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