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We have come to the point where social media is used on a daily basis and everyone uses it. We like to be informed, share news, comment, chat and update our profiles, especially with personal information that is sensitive, but do we really need protect our personal information through social media?  

It seems like we forget Internet and social media are a part of reality. Even though we cannot touch it and if it is through a screen, it is still real. We do not take the same measurements of privacy. Would you tell intimate details of your personal life to someone in the street? Well we do through Internet and it can be dangerous. Even we do not see who is speaking, there is a person behind that screen. It is an unknown person and we do not know their real intentions.


Social media measurements and privacy

Being protected through internet is important as it is to closing the door of your house or your windows when you travel. However, we are not used to seeing the danger, sharing certain information, or leaving our profiles public so unknown people see it. Would you really let that unknown person from the street wander around your house? Personally, I don´t think so.

One of the first things we should know about our social media, is change our privacy status of our profiles. With defect they are public and everyone sees what pictures you upload or what you write. If you are updating your location, it can be completely dangerous for you. You never know what these strangers might be thinking. They can be people who take advantage of your vacations to steal from your house. Only for getting more likes in social media, is it really worth it? We all like having a public audience and how our post is receiving likes and shares, but with what point? I would say with ego. This is more dangerous than it seems.

Another one of the important measurements is we should be careful of accepting friend requests with people we do not know. Before accepting the friend request go the page and analyze it, when you see something you do not like do not accept it.

Let´s not forget every social media is different and we publish different information through them. If Twitter is a social media network where spontaneity and immediate message is through message in a space of only 140 characters, in Facebook we elaborate more and upload personal information about ourselves. In Instagram it is similar. Most important is having a lot of followers and for our followers to like our amazing posts about our travels or delicious dessert from the trendiest restaurant, however, don´t you see the danger to this?

Like I said before, all the profiles in social media are public. I urge you to watch short videos from the Spanish Agency of Data Protection where they explain how to change the configuration of our social media accounts and the only people you want see what information you posted. This is simple and effective.

Private policy through social media

Did you know all the information you upload through social media is used for that company for whatever they want? Not only your own information, but the content, for example, pictures.

Creating a profile through social media means accepting a private policy that no one reads. However, did you know whatever picture you posted through Facebook is commercialized for Zuckerberg´s company? In other words, he wins money with this and you do not even anything. Well yes he can. Also, you gave him your own permission to accept the private policy. Do not worry, we are all on the same page. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of this technology game, you are out of the game. You do not exist if you do not have any of these social media networks. Still be careful with the pictures you post, it is fundamental to protect them.


Trolls in Social Media

One of the biggest problems Internet has is with trolls. The majority of these profiles are anonymous and are known to harm peoples´ images, companies, brands, whatever is in front of them. Full of hate. Just like real life. We know trolls do not actually exist, but there is always people out there that are ready to harm others. In the internet the same thing happens. Do not forget, the network is a part of our daily lives, and a reflection of our society.  

When we expose our life in public we are causing those trolls to control us. What is this reason? Jealousy? Who cares! The issue has to deal with the danger produced. This is because we give them the power of our private lives.

In this aspect, trolls are very dangerous for people who work with their own image in social media, just like the influencers. A lot of brands feel rejected towards negative comments and even when they stop working with that person, or simply not mention anything at all. They do not have to be real comments, but the image counts.

If you are accused from a troll, before worrying, go and find out on my profile. Look to see if it is on social media and what type of notifications it has. You will probably realize they are called haters. If this is not the case, make sure your profile is visible for your contacts. Ah! And keep in mind meeting someone through the internet is not the same as meeting them in reality. Going through your contacts in social media will benefit you. Maybe you won´t get as many likes as before, but your account will be more secure.

Worrying about our personal information is more than important, since social media and the internet are the key to success.  

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