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The New Year always begins with new resolutions but also with tendencies, and it turns out that numerous people already advanced on what was going to arrive in the world of the social networks in 2014. That’s why we wanted to make a small summary of all which we read and heard and to see how the situation is.

These tendencies can distinguish themselves in two “classes”:

1. Those that will have an impact on users of these social networks.

2. Those that will have an impact on the social network (something new, changes)

So let’s begin with the class 1, which is will have an impact on us, as users of the social networks, and let us see what tendency we plan:

  • Social networks’ Professional should concentrate almost exclusively on the screen which will be the real protagonist of 2014, the mobile phone.
  • Video will be converted in real “central figure” of the contents broadcasted and shared between users on the social networks.
  • We are going to be able to buy any article wherever and will arrive the “BOOM” of Social Business thanks to the increase of the speed of browsing and upon the arrival of new technologies which will equip mobiles:
  • Digital experiences  ” without contact “ will begin to stand out, and we shall see speaking and gesturing with our mobile devices.

In reference to the tendencies which will affect the social networks themselves, we wanted to make you share the following predictions:

  • Facebook and Twitter are in the paroxysm of their growth, and some people says that 2014 is the year of LinkedIn, even if it is possible that it certain there surprised in the shape of photos which disappear.
  • The Internet of “Me” will develop, and the social platforms will try to make live to the users totally only and personalized experience, while adapting itself to any change made by the user.
  • The advertising on the social networks will concentrate on the mobile and Twitter will be his standard bearer during this year.

You have thus just had an overview of the predictions which the most drew us the attention. Day after day, we shall see if these predictions were just or not. And you? Do you a prediction to share with us? 😉


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