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marketing de contenidos

Nowadays, consumers have ceased to be mere passive recipients and are no longer willing to allow media interruptions. The response to these changes by advertisers, are new ways of understanding marketing in which consumers are those who find the brands and interact with them in a consensual manner without unwanted interruptions occur.

Content marketing is the strategy that focuses on creating, publishing and distributing content relevant to your target audience in order to attract new customers in a non-disruptive manner. The key to content marketing lies in the added value we give our user. But for that value to be real, it is important that we always offer the best and that we treat it as unique.

This type of marketing goes far beyond producing content for blogs, websites and social networks. It is necessary to think about the best way to distribute this content in order to increase your audience and be able to measure the results.

marketing de contenidosWhy should you invest in this marketing strategy?

  • To improve your brand image. If you give your users useful and personalized content, you will improve your reputation and visibility.
  • It allows you to generate direct and close relationships with your users in a natural and open manner.
  • Improve your search engine positioning.
  • It inevitably makes you think of your users, with the infinite advantages that this entails

Which are the benefits of content marketing?

Confidence: when you publish content regularly and your audience perceives its value, it will trust you.

Sales: derived from the previous benefit, you will see how your sales increase. Using different strategies to attract customers with content marketing will bring you more users, help you convert more visits to customers …

SEO positioning: content is king and without it there is hardly any chance of positioning yourself in Google. If you create brilliant content but nobody sees it, it does not help. Give good content to Google and he will return in return the amount of organic traffic you want so much.

Authority: When a user creates a post and links you as a reference source, you will gain authority. The better the content, the more authority you will gain. The basis of any content marketing strategy is to create content that leaves users impressed.

The success of Coca-cola

Coca-Cola is one of the clearest examples of content marketing success. A few years ago, the company began to realize that it needed to make a change in its marketing strategy, leave aside the unidirectional content and move to excellence in content. Each year this brand makes stories and its happiness and improvement campaigns perfectly summarize what you have to try to connect with the public. In this way, a feeling of a product has taken root in viewers, since it is capable of evoking sensations and emotions in its target audience, something that, as a brand, helps enormously to achieve success.

Thanks to content marketing, we generate greater trust, credibility and authority. With this type of content we achieve that these are so valuable and relevant to your audience, that it is the users themselves who share it with each other. With the contents you have to have challenges. In the end it is about satisfying needs, desires. If you work with content marketing, be creative and involve yourself in every story!

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