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It has always been said an image is worth more than a million words, and if that image has movement…I would not even tell you. First of all, the emoji has arrived to invade our near messages, and little by little the GIF is wining territory immediately by reflecting a state of high energy or responding to whatever type of comment in a different and original way.

An example of knowing how to use animated images through Social Media is Netflix. Before Twitter and now with Facebook, the latest platform to have series has transformed regarding Social Media for the great use of GIF, since all the responses are accompanied with one movement in a picture, also pieces of chapters from series, causes an entertaining interaction for followers.

Celebrities have also been equal to this latest fashion. A couple of weeks ago, Piqué again began to burn down social media in regards to new testimonies against Real Madrid and took advantage to remember his ex-teammate, Iker Casillas. The doorman responded with a GIF that reflected testimonies in regards to being someone from Madrid.

@3gerardpique — Iker Casillas (@IkerCasillas) 31 de marzo de 2017

Not without my GIFS!!

In continuation, I will begin to show my GIF “playlist” that helps me show my state of energy or whatever situation from my daily life only using one animated image and contributing to a little bit of humor. Something fundamental in life.

I have recognized sending GIFS through Whatsapp, I have stopped using emojis. One of my favorites is 😳 the legendary surprised one, ever since I discovered the GIF, it was the best:

Casillas is a seam for every conversation. He will be a captain for Real Madrid, is definite in the GIFs, since it is worth the surprise expression:





After the surprise, comes the doubt. Who has not asked you, what do you think if we go this weekend to..? Here you have the definitive GIF for these situations. It can be a bit of a game, I use it for Twitter #SummarizeYourYearForAGIF and it had a lot of consequence.

A GIF is worth more than a thousand emojis

There is a lot of people that use social media daily, and fundamentally to count their difficulties, and I say, we will count it as amusing, right?
For example, when your vacations are over and realize tomorrow is Monday and you have to wake up early or you recently have finished the last episode of your favorite series and realize there won´t be a new one until next year. This GIF says it all:

Then everything you have lived for in that moment where you say “Honestly, I am fine” but in reality you are not, do not lose time in explaining something. Simply send this:

Or you wake up on the wrong foot and everything goes wrong, and you do not how to express it graphically. You should add this GIF:

To close this section “We have screwed up” this mythical GIF from Homer Simpson, it is ideal when you are dragged during the days with everything and having to discuss with people, you realize they are right and it was you were wrong from the beginning:

We come from above!!!

Animated images not only bring negativity. It is actually best used for an opposite purpose. In the first place, I will bring you the perfect GIF to give a “bang” to someone who crosses the line.

Have you overcome the substitution of the pistol emoji of life for a water gun?
Do not worry because I have a better way to “threaten” and with ease. Let me introduce you to Riley Curry, daughter of Mr. Stephen Curry, superstar of the NBA:

Everything is a lovely, right? If you are not convinced and want to impose a little more, a classic one like this is always thrown out:

The end of the world has caught us dancing

There is nothing better than using Social Media to celebrate better news. It is here when it is obligatory to put a GIF in your life.

Leonardo Di Caprio, surely is a bet. His personality with the movie Wolf on Wall Street gives several images and all of them are usable through social media. Even though this is my favorite one:

But there is nothing compares to obvious kids, and reflecting happiness in a pure and real way. Therefore, the bet is sure to overcome these types of situations:

Up until here I Decalogue the GIFs. I will wait impatiently for your comments. “A little bit of craziness is wanted and it always exhausts you”, and I have to renew mine, because a GIF is worth more than a thousand emojis.

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