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I turn on the computer to write my article and the first thing I open before starting to write is Spotify.

What would the world do without music? In the long battle against analog digital world, this music platform Spotify and also social network is gaining ground every day in the headphones of us all whether in the subway , bus, driving, riding a bike, workplaces, party nights and so on.  And what we really like about this application is the facilitity to play that song you want to listen to at the right moment you want.

I hasten to add that Spotify is one of the Social Networks which could get to make a portrait robot of the soul of many of us. All those who consider us addicted to music can not pass without listening chords in our head. Let us go into a situation… Say you have a shitty day in which the only thing you want is to be at home with your blanket. Then you think that music could encourage you. I am sure it would be the case of a workmate of mind (and a good friend too) called Lirios:

Music sounds and you feel better, right? This is the power of music. It is a clear example that you can get to know a person very close through music, because we are what we listen to. The days before to the terrorist attacks at Bataclan in Paris, the terrorists filled lists of many people who listened the songs from the band played that fateful night of November 13 , Eagles of Death Metal.

However, Spotify not only has the aspect to hear the music that you want it to be public or private, it also has the ability to use the wonderful world of messages which you can send  the music you want with the people that you are following in this Social Networks. In addition, private conversations as a chat are so fast and if you look to the right of the screen… oh! You can see what your  “spotifier” friends are listening. For example if they’re in love it is because they are listening love songs… ¿Me quedo contigo by “Los Chunguitos”?

But this does not end here ladies and gentlemen… another Spotify alternative is to create personalized and individual playlists that are personal and untransferable to the people who follows you and see how cool you are and the innovating music you listen to. I am going to talk about an example very close to me, in Tilo Motion offices. To keep in constant communication and brighten the days of #tilonitas , we have created two lists, one more neutral that it gets from Monday to Thursday and another one for great Fridays . Right Now if I put a little preview of the issues to these lists , I think you could get closer to people who are part of Tilo

Here you are!

It was in this 2015 when Spotify company decided to make a scanner of the year we left behind through the most listened music and this was the result: “Year in Music” where you can listen to your music of the last 2015.  When getting your “year of music”, you will be able to listen to the issue that started in 2015: songs, artists or genres that you have more given to play and you can even know the songs you liked most seasonal of the year. A new way to remember and long for.

All this means that Spotify is our musical identity card.

Now think of this song that gives you good vibes, makes you smile and makes you forget bad things… Already done?


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