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Product and service sales have experienced a significant development in recent decades, reaching the absolute limits a few years ago. Now, the use of techniques of neuroscience in the marketing world in order to reach the final consumer more efficiently and being able to influence their decisions about the process are ‘in’.

But how do brands do to put into costumers’ mind so that they buy their products? Having pointed it out this way, it seems more like science fiction, but reality is different. Interpreting how our brain functions is not so simple and it is impossible to predict what humans will react under a particular stimulus.

Still, there are three factors that influence our purchasing decisions: the rational, the emotional and the instinctive part. They are three significant points depending on the phase in which the consumer is and the external stimuli it receives.

Neuromarketing, la nueva manera de atraer al consumidor

It is at this point where brands gain importance. Their ‘job’ is to offer those stimuli that lead us to make a purchase, sometimes in a more unconscious way than a conscious one. To undertand it better, we are gointg to give you a clearer example; the atmosphere we find in a shop. When you go there (and sometimes even before going into it), we can notice an odor that determines what we will find inside and it will condition us in a way or another. The same thing happens with the music that are played as well as physical appearance and workers’ clothes, the layout of the shop and even the lighting products around itThe way how a brand has the atmosphere of its shops is one of the most neuromarketing techniques used today.

Because our brain uses the experience and external stimuli to decide about chosing a brand or another, the great work falls on knowing how to influence on that experience and the visual and sensorial perception that the consumer has about a brand.

Taking all this into account, do you still think that your brand sensorial characteristics are not important? In the development process of your strategy to make it public and reach your consumers, you should bear in mind aspects as important as the smell you want your product to have or even his packaging or Branding.

But if you brand is not a proper product or a shop, you should know that neuromarketing also has tactics in order to attrack your potential costumers. First of all, you need to achieve your name to be remembered by surprising and solidary actions, even though they do not have to do with the labour activities you carry out. You should either forget to provide added value, something by which your costumers will want to repeat. For example, a good personal assistance, an excellent community management, agility in different procedures and so on.  Going into an area more connected with advertising, such as any kind of ad directly focused on your costumer emotions, will be the most useful thing in the process of building up an emotional bond with them. Finally, you have the option of finding a great brand ambassador, someone -much better if this person is well known- who knows how to get through the values and benefits of your brand in such a way ‘costumer satisfaction’ that we all look for as consumers is achieved.

Neuromarketing, la nueva manera de atraer al consumidor

Now that you have many tools as so to achieve your brand to be remembered and consumed and even though you think some of them are not very effective in the short run, you should not ignored some of these technics which best work in the area of marketing as long as you would like to be succeed with your brand. And emotional stimuli do works.

If you do not believe so, do not miss this ad by Coke (made some years ago, by the way) that reflects the use of neuromarketing and the emotions to reach consumersCoke making use of neuromarketing

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