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Summer Look 2013

Summer is here and we all hang out with our looks more fashion modern, funky… and we didn’t want to miss this summer without giving a prize to the most rated!

Luz del Tajo in Toledo, Parque Principado in Asturias and Valle Real in Cantabria are three trends regarding in fashion and they want to see in first hand the looks of their own audience.

So we launched “SUMMER LOOK 2013” on Facebook, whose mechanic is very simple: you just have to register in the contest app  that is in the Facebook profile of each center during the months of July and August, create your “personal book” and tell all your contacts for you to vote.

Make sure that the photos are best because other fans can vote for you! And the most voted look of each center before a certain date will win cash prizes to spend on fashion and trends within the participating center.

It is a fact that brands know better their customers each day, and they are guided by direct feedback from their users. And in the case of Luz del Tajo, Parque Principado and Valle Real, community message is clear: we want to fashion and trends!

Our experience in managing communities helps us to understand the interests of the followers and responding to their needs. We opened the doors wide to share their emotions, experiences and creativity with friends and acquaintances … SUMMER LOOK 2013 is an example.


How does SUMMER LOOK 2013?

The requirements are simply to follow the center where you want to participate: Luz del Tajo in Toledo, Parque Principado in Asturias or Valle Real in Cantabria. Then, just upload your book, up to 9 photos which show everyone your best outfits for this summer 2013.

Users themselves should exploit and demonstrate their creativity in dressing but do involve their friends to vote or to recommend them to participate. In fact will be the users themselves who decide who will be the ultimate winners!

In Tilo we like reinventing, like fashion, and above all we like to challenge ourselves, learn from brands and people. Every action has a reaction a like, a comment, a common thread that binds us to each other based on tastes, dreams and concerns, and to make us all @ s we vibrate, that is the true power of creativity on the Internet. The magic of this sector.

To participate in SUMMER LOOK 2013 in one of the three centers go to:

Luz del Tajo (Toledo)

Parque Principado (Asturias)

Valle Real (Cantabria)

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