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We are used to seeing lately in social networks certain fashions trend and some of them produce a mixture of shame and laughter. Do you you remember the viral fashion that came out on television to balconing (jumping from the balconies of a hotel), Eyeballing (throw alcohol in the eyes) or Milking (wet with milk in public places)? These practices shocked us and we didn’t understand why they become so viral on the internet. And if you do not believe me, I search it in Google.

Social networks are in our daily life and there are many follies ending up being viral and then make them trend. As you know, we live in a society where we love to copy what the neighbor does and if something becomes fashionable, why not copy it? I will name a number of practices that have been followed and imitated in networks and they are completely absurd. Maybe you think I’m exaggerating, well, I begin to detail a summary of modalities that have been viral in social networks and then you tell me.


A practice of posing your face in a loaf of bread, as you read in a loaf of bread! The creator of this practice opened seven months ago a profile to upload videos in showing her relationship with the bread. Now you are laughing, but I promise that exists and has 40,000 followers and imitators of thousands on the net!!

I encourage you to see her Instagram so you can see that I’m not cheating. I attached video.


Surely you have seen the in last few months photos on the beach with contours on the skin of a famous superhero. The sunburn art is a trend that can be considered very dangerous because you expose your skin to the sun and burn thoroughly. Once exposed to the sun enough hours and made the “work of art”, upload a photo to networks so that everyone can admire how ridiculous you are.



Although this is the most “normal” tendencies I still do not understand the need for such practice. Almost all networks got photos of our trips, visits to museums … because now we have to pose as a teapot. Do not forget it! 🙂



This trend must be recognized that is kind of … geek, let’s leave it there. Do you remember the quidditch? fictional game that was practiced at Hogwarts, famous for the Harry Potter books. Well, there are individuals who are photographed with a broom between simulating miss playing quidditch. I think it’s because  Nimbus 2000 Amazon hasn´t come to them.


This viral fashion in networks is to complete a picture of a face with the bottom of a cat, pretending that the person has beard. Many people have already made this collage.



And of the previous trend fashion we had to put bread on the head to your cat, Pleaaaaaaase !!


And I’ve left the jewel of the crown to the end. What kind of person make a photograph of his travels showing his testicles? A visual art come, no comment …


And here is the summary of trends in the network, judge on your own, what do you think? There are people for everything …



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