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Mobile Revolution, ¿está preparado tu negocio para la revolución de los smartphones?

We do not discover anything new if we say every day there are more people with next generation mobile terminals, whether smartphones or tablets, as we all know that this situation has created new needs that must be fullfilled by any company that really wants to be competitive and reach their customers. Every day millions of websites are visited by users using mobile devices, and this is something that will continue to increase every year. The question is: Have you thought about adapting your website for these devices?

Other information that may interest you about this “Mobile Revolution”:

  • Half of all local searches are performed and via mobile. This device has become a valuable source of information, providing both here and now what we need, as suggestions of what we can do in the place where we are.
  • Mobiles can encourage consumption, even within the store. With tags phones and QR codes, users can spot a lot of information about the product, as well as access in coupon deals.
  • Mobiles encourage socialization and consumption of social networks. Users make check-in, take pictures of the products that interest them, or anything that catches their attention and they share.
  • The smartphone is not only used when we are away from home, but also joins us in our most intimate environment. 86% of mobile phone users has its front while watching TV.


Adapting your website to a mobile interface not only allows us to reach more users, as they will certainly appreciate the easier navigation and access to content from their mobile devices, and can offer mobile marketing alternatives as: QR codes, coupons, mobile e-commerce, etc.. Adapting to changes is not an easy thing, but in these days, al always, has become essential. We live in times in which we must be ever more creative, bolder, more competitive, as it won’t not survive the larger and more powerful, but those who adapt faster. So… What are you waiting for “mobilize” your business?

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