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Each time more is invested in understanding how the new generations really are trying to approach their way of showing themselves. Making deep research of their day to day, when are the key moments to approach them, what really interests them, with what intensity and what are the brands that are occupying your attention depending on the time of day or the place where you are find. These new consumers are immersed in the digital world, especially in social networks.

Are companies able to take on the new changes? How to manage the work dynamics with these young generations? To know their behavior in these platforms, Smartme Analytics has carried out the study ‘Conquering Millennials and Gen Z’, where it is observed that up to 86.2% of young people of these generations use networks in their mobile phones.

  • Difference between Generation Z and Millennials

“The differences in behaviors and interests between both generations are clear, but its a valid fact that social networks occupy their attention much higher than the average population.” affirms Javier Pérez, Data Analyst of Smartme Analytics.

post millennials vs generacionz

  • Products vs Experience

60% of members in Generation Z say they prefer a cool product rather than a good experience, compared to 40% of millenials who respond positively to the product. When the table turns, the difference is overwhelming, millenials say they prefer a good experience to a good product, compared to 23% of the Z.

  • Different ways of communication

The two generations not only came face-to-face when they are at the product purchase, but also the relationship they have with the brands. How do brands get in touch with them?

Millennials want brands to use mails (43% vs. 33% of generation Z) and also traditional mails (16% vs. 13%). The members of Generation Z are the ones that present higher percentages in social media (34% versus 29% of millennials), in online ads (28% vs. 16%) and in outdoor advertising (a 14% vs. 9%).

  • Purchases preferences

As you see, the behavior of both generations is different as their online shopping sites. The favorite website of the millennials is Amazon versus the Z that is YouTube. Millennials have 63% more desire to buy compared to 55% who prefer to do things for themselves, Do It Yourself.

  • Ads change

After all the differentiating points that we have seen between both generations, its time to put it into practice on ads. The part that makes the most allusion is the emotional one, since they play different roles when it comes to reach each group. Millennials are more inclined to absorb those ads with an emotional connection (31% vs. 20%). Members of Generation Z connect better with those ads that feature celebrities (27% vs. 20%).

Consumers force brands to create marketing strategies with social trends. And to reach them we must bear in mind these words: hyperconnectivity, visual communication, experimentation, interest in learning and multichannel media.

Meet them today and tomorrow.

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