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las mejores herramientas para SEO

I want to talk about some SEO tools that I consider the best ones to help the hard task to launch a Website to the top search results. I’ve split the post in different groups of tools depending on their function, all tools I know and use regularly, and they have helped me to launch numerous Websites to top 10 of Google for keywords with a considerable volume of searches. Of course, there is no magic in this, and the end is the combination of many factors and the hard work that gets shoot a Web at the top positions, but there are tools that help us such work and allow us to know, detect or uncover new opportunities that otherwise would be impossible to achieve. Of each tool, I will tell you the most important advantages offered although, of course, in the end will depend on your specific case. My goal is to help them  to decide which tool to choose for different areas of SEO. Let’s start!

Keyword Search

Search the keywords or keywords is the foundation of any SEO strategy. Detect words that most concerns us working is essential to achieve the desired goals for which we must take into account various factors such as the level of monthly searches, number of results, difficulty positioning, competition, etc.  Always taking into account products or services offered by our client as well as locally on working. The tool that we use for this are:

  • Keyword Planner of Google ( Keyword Tool Planner)

You must have a Google Adwords account ,that is, you need to have a credit card with your name and you will be admitted to the program advertisers. Free use.

  • Google Trends

The purpose of this tool is to determine whether the interest in one or more search terms is constant, it is decreasing or increasing contrast. You’ll be able to know if that keyword is interesting or not in the future. Free use.

  • SEMrush

It lets you know that a Web  is positioned in organic terms so you can also “spy” on your competition to discover new interesting words. Payment Tool


Web Load Speed

The load time of a Web is essential for two reasons : Firstly, users face  not to abandon your site if it takes too long to load. On the other , it is a key factor for positioning. We must not forget that the primary goal of Google is to give users the best possible result for a particular search. Therefore, it is obvious that they are more likely to be among the first search results , those sites with a charging time as low as possible . It is recommended that no more than 3 seconds. I consider best tools for analyzing loading speed of a Web are:

  • Pingdom

It’s simple and quick to use. Include the URL you want to analyze and automatically tells you the time of loading speed of the Web. It also gives you a list of all items that are loaded when requesting the page, you can sort by size, speed, etc. Free use.

  • Google Page Speed ​​Insights

Another free tool of Google and extremely useful. Analyzes any Web for both computers and mobile. Also gives you recommendations to optimize it. Free use.


Traffic and Conversions

The traffic analysis is essential to optimize in order to achieve improve your Website conversions. It is not enough to know how many visitors we have. We need to know where they come from and which pages have more accesses, what audience we’re researching, what pages visitors leave our site, how long they stay in it, etc. To do this, the free tool offered by Google meets all these requirements, Google Analytics. Free use.


Backlinks and Competition Analysis

Another key aspects of any SEO strategy, backlinks or inbound links. In terms of positioning, a considerable number of backlinks tells Google that your site is popular, that people liked and therefore shared through their Social Networks, blogs, Websites, etc. It is therefore important to carry out a check of the links pointing to the Website, identifying where they come from, if they follow or not, etc.

  • Ahrefs

It provides detailed information about the backlinks of any Website and also allows us to compare this information with up to 4 other different websites. Also, you can export all data to a Csv . It’s very visual and intuitive. Payment tool.

As for the analysis of competence, Ahrefs can locate where their external and SEMRush links to know why keywords are positioning. It also lets you know the estimated of any competitor organic traffic and monitor your progress.


Analysis of a Web

Another essential aspect in SEO is to make sure we have a well-structured website, “healthy” and without mistakes. It is properly optimized, both in terms of technical optimization and content. In order to keep track of these characteristics, these tools are essential, in my opinion, in any SEO strategy.

  • Screaming Frog

This is software that provides a detailed log of all urls of web analysis. Among other functions, it allows you to locate broken links on a website and analyze analyzing SEO On Page Titles, Descriptions , Htags, Image Optimization . Etc. Free / Payment Use.

  • Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

Another of free Google tools to help Webmasters optimize their websites. Its main functions include:

  • Sending sitemap
  • Robots.txt tester
  • Index Status
  • Troubleshooting 404
  • Possible improvements in html (identify duplications of Titles, Descriptions , etc)
  • Analysis of clicks, impressions , average position and CTR
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Tracking Errors as you see, a fundamental service for any Webmaster.

Free use


Rankings and Monitoring Keyword

A SEO strategy aims organic positioning of a number of keywords. Therefore, it is essential to keep track so you can detect which keywords are positioning in Google, what terms need to improve and see how they evolve in search results (SERPs). To do this, there are many tools, including:

  • Semalt

It allows monitoring the ranking of keywords embedded in our various projects daily, automatically saves a history of positioning in order to have an estimate and finally, allows each client to do customized reports for each client. Payment tool.

Did you know them all? Do you recommend us any other tool?

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