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In order to talk about the best SEO´s and their key positioning in searches we should first know what is SEO and what is the purpose.

What is SEO and what is its purpose?

SEO are the initials of Search Engine Optimization, meaning “optimization of search engines” and the purpose is to basically serve the searchers (Google, Yahoo, Bing..) so they know our page and to pay attention to our content. So when a user has a search, Google, for example, will know to rely on our content like our results, and offer them to the user.

In summary, SEO is the language of the robots and searchers, and it is fundamental to know the language to communicate with each other, right?


Before it was valid, not anymore

A little big ago, it was not necessary to have the best content within the search engines. It was not necessary to have the SEO techniques, as you know the Black Hat, and the searchers positioned themselves through these pages with the first results, without having content. It was not good nor bad. It was simply a generously SEO. However, because these webs consist of readers and percentages the rebound is high, Google was against these webs; the results offered are not credible. With the changes of the algorithm, Google has banded these pages and instead upload the ones with interesting and updated content. In other words, to offer the users exactly what they are looking for.


The best SEO for the search positions

To accomplish the best SEOs´ it is key having the positions in searches, since it depends on the position and results from the searchers. In reality, these changes in the algorithm are not absurd and help the user find what he/she is looking for; instead of obligating the web pages to have a clean space, well organized, and of course seofriendly. Everything in excess is terrible.

Content: The thing that interests Google the most (or whatever searcher) is offering, the best results for the user. So for the searcher to find our content through principal results we should follow the rules: The content has to be your own (you cannot copy from other pages, Google does not like copiers and thinks it is irrelevant). It has to have a good extension where the content is relevant and counts on interesting things for the user. Of course the topic of the text should stay clear. That way we know the importance of the keywords. Also, like every content, relies little by little on the characteristics.

Great position, without spelling and accent errors: Before Google did not care, but now Google values the content should be written correctly. In reality, it is a great and valuable aspect in regards to maintaining the language, without permitting our language to lose its richness.

Simple structured pages: This is very fundamental: Having a clear and simple structure does not only help robots with the searchers, it also helps the users. To have some URLS is simple it permits navigating without problems (migas route) and find what we want on the page. Remember: whichever user that does not find what they are looking for will leave, and even without a good impression.

Active and updated profiles through social media: Google sees everything, and that includes what we do through social media. For this year, Google began to index the content of publications through our networks, and we take note on how active we are with them.

Good Link building: Link building is the best SEO technique to obtain links towards our website or through our content. One of the old techniques was to register through a board or buy links, but now Google analyzes the pages, and it has nothing to do with the content or belongs to the pages with a doubtful reputation, Mr. Google will be angry and will ground you. Be careful with traps.

Responsive Design: Now a days, who does not consent internet through the cellphone? Well, Google knows it, this is why all the web sites and blogs that are not adapted to their smartphones will be grounded and banded in regards to the last rankings.

We hope the topic about the best SEOs and the key in regards to the search engines has helped you realize you can improve your digital spaces.

Remember, the key for the best position is finding the balance between SEOs and the created and interesting content. Google knows how to reward.


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