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¿Twitter? That´s so 2008

If you know how to articulate this and consider social media (as the latest trend) is becoming out-dated, we congratulate you: a new social media with mastodonic dimensions (literally) little by little is taking over the little blue bird. So if you are tired of 140 characters (where the multimedia content does not even count) and you feel like changing your tweets to toots, keep on reading this post and we will inform you about this social media.

1. But…¿what is a social mastodon?

This territory should not scare you (it´s not like everything is going to!) In the first place, Mastodon, is a social media software and includes open codes. In other words, whichever person is allowed to implement Mastodon from different places, offering different spaces to different unifies topics all under the same name. This combination of spaces and petitions are known as “fediverso” (adding federal and universe). Therefore, we begin from global to local thanks to different thanks to different people creating different spaces under the name Mastodon, but dedicated to different topics, from politics to Game of Thrones.

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2. In other words, a twitter is changing

Mastodon is more than a “twitter changing”. With a similar aesthetic to Tweetdeck and fediverso margin and the possibility of a person implementing a new request. The principal characteristic is the character limit: not only 140, but 500. Also, the messages you send will become toots. The timeline (critiqued in Twitter for some changes) is not only chronological, but also public. In the mean-time and later on, this social media will begin growing and progressing, will have the possibility to create private profiles.

On the other hand, Mastodon creators define their design as “ethical”: meaning, without advertising announcements and without supposedly searching possibilities.

3. Open code…does this suppose a change in a political use?

Radically. Mastodon´s rules are quoted explicitly by prohibiting disturbance of others, just like the private publications. Also, it does not tag along to lamps. The penalty of defaulting these regulations, directly, disables profiles. This contrasts with interventions of Jack Dorsey´s social media, whose interactions against cyberbullying are relaxed.

Between other topics, this new social media prohibits “racist, sexist, xenophobic or encourage violent nationalism, related to children porn, related to the Nazi Holocaust or lack of self-acceptance” messages. We can say the Mastodon social media protects users, trying to mark distance with harassment and number of trolls in Twitter.


4. But, are there users or is an abandoned desert?

Honestly, it just depends The key is choosing a request in the right moment. It is possible, between 400 petitions to choose, you have ended up with little activity, it seems there are few users. But, in the Mastodon´s total, we can say there are users. Recently,´s petition (in generic, by calling it some way) collapsed by reaching their maximum limit and closed their profiles during several days. Rumors say “every Twitter update bring a new crowd of Mastodon users”. Even if it is true or not, if it is noteworthy Mastodon´s birth was produced when their creator, @Gargon, discovered Twitter´s time line was not chronological.

 It is growing effectively and Twitter a social media who is not only holding back, but is shaded with an immense number of bots. Effectively, it brings us the question for the future in this social media.


5. Do you have an opinion about Mastodon?

Honestly, the latest trend is using the little blue bird. In the social media and digital marketing world some think Twitter will fail. If we I have to say, Twitter is not completely terminated (or maybe it is not since it is growing in a new space).

But, why? This is so simple. Mastodon is picking a number (until everything is said) of unhappy users with Twitter. But there are still users (an immense number) using Twitter, inclusively using it as their principal social media (instead of other such as Facebook). Mastodon imagines an obstacle for Twitter (same as Snapchat with several young adults using it). A reflection time process is needed for every user (even brands) by deciding which social media they want. Overall, what comes in the future is an immense number of people for different social media more specific and specialized every time.

In the meantime, which one do you prefer? Tweeting or tooting?

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