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To say content marketing is the key strategy of Social Media seems risky; however, without content we are not anyone in the internet.

It is really simple generating content; it is difficult creating quality and contributing it to the audience. It is the most important and difficult thing overall: they want to come back to us.

We think we all have access to Internet, and even though we do not do the same searches we all look for the same thing: a response or solution. Therefore, if a person looks up a webpage there is always a reason, right?

Studio shot of child holding a Content Marketing sign made of white paper with handwriting.

Studio shot of child holding a Content Marketing sign made of white paper with handwriting.Content Marketing:

Content Marketing: What is it and what is the purpose?

Content marketing is a creative content strategy with the objective of attracting the public, to give them what they need and build loyalty. We are broadcasting important data towards the audience, for example: who we are, how we think, what we do, how we do it, what we contribute and what makes us different from the rest of the competition.

Having a content with strategies is important to work with because it deals with important concepts, such as:

  • An image of the brand: it is important to indulge it to create privacy and credibility.
  • Direct communication with users: If you do not know the opinion of others, how do you know what to offer them? Due to the important feedback Social Listening, has appeared, to get to know new users, understand what they need and offer it to them, it´s that simple. Also, this direct communication, good gestured, is one of the best ingredients to strengthen online reputation.
  • Organic Positioning: when content is liked more, it will have a better significance, the audience favors it. And is benefitted the same way as the searchers, this will help searchers in the first results of the search.

For the content marketing to work it must be integrated through a previous strategy of social media, where the objectives are obtained. It is not the end of the world since it is not only about creating content, but actually doing with great quality for our public.


What is a good content?

A good content is debatable, since we all have your own opinion and critique, and with our likes. However, it is understandable good content is someone´s work and is unedited, after all it is helpful for the user to recognize his or her own solutions.

As you all know, there is nothing better than a seller who believes in his or her own product, and content marketing is seen as work done with passion and own interests. What is better than a professional enjoying what he/she does?!

Type of Content

There exists lots of different types of content and formats to offer to the public. You can find them in articles, images, videos, video-tutorials, computer graphics, reports, studies, applications, podcasts, newsletter…All of this is valuable in the world of content marketing, but remember: however, your content is, they must be your own, unedited and crafted. This is what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Is content marketing the key strategy for social media?

The perfect content does not exist, instead we need to understand there is no magical formula triumphing content as a first step.

We understand content marketing is nothing more than strategy for Social Media, but it provides an absolute effect to all of our actions through Social Media, webpages and blog, SEO strategies and SEM campaigns, in order to achieve basic objectives that marketing digitals have:

  • Obtain a majority of unique users through a webpage or blog
  • Have a community grow with followers through social media
  • Increase the number of most viewed pages and the time stay
  • Reduce the rebound
  • Obtain interactions through media communications and for them to be shared.
  • Of course, the valuable price. A product or service.

Everything should be handled carefully. From the basic structure of our digital spaces, even the aesthetic, grammar, communication and the rest of the points named previously. Even though it is a long process and something impossible, do not give up. Because the real success of content marketing is not a magical formula, but with certainty and learning how to listen to what the public wants. After all, our audience is our authentic key to our content, and it will bring us success.


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